Well, Colton Finally Jumped The Fence On 'The Bachelor,' & The Reason Why Is So Dramatic


Gather round, Bachelor Nation! The moment we've been waiting for all season is finally here. Bachelor Colton Underwood has finally jumped the fence, and as far as we know, he spent a night getting cozy with the wildlife of Portugal rather than breaking down the details of fantasy suite dates to producers. The events leading up to the infamous moment were dramatic AF and Colton finally jumping the fence on The Bachelor sent fans into a frenzy.

Thanks to the Bachelor producers being the teases that they are, March 4's episode ended as soon as Colton launched himself over the high fence surrounding the crew's location in Portugal. If you survived the long wait and all of Twitter's jokes accompanying it, then it's time to break down the long-winded scenario that caused Colton to crack. We know The Bachelor is a stressful process, but fantasy suites haven't exactly sent anyone else running away from cameras.

After a perfectly fine (and seemingly just fine) fantasy suite date with Tayshia earlier in the week, Colton went on the first half of his date with Cassie. Anyone with eyes could tell he was a smitten kitten when it came to the 23-year-old speech pathologist, but Cassie's uncertainty about getting engaged hadn't exactly changed since her awkward hometown date. After she and Colton explored a Portuguese town, Cassie returned to her hotel room, only for her dad to arrive. He reiterated his concerns from her visit home, remarking on how conflicted she seemed and that she shouldn't feel pressured about the idea of getting engaged.

Welp, Dad just made things complicated.

With the worries fresh in her mind, Cassie tearfully admitted before returning to Colton that she wished she had more time to consider her decision. She came to the conclusion that she had to leave the show voluntarily, but she danced around the brutal truth when she met with Colton. Instead of ripping the Band-Aid off, Cassie first focused on why Colton not having her dad's blessing didn't seem to bother him too much.

That finally segued into her telling him about her dad's visit and the clarity it gave her. She didn't want Colton to leave the experience without having what he came for and told him she loved him but wasn't in love.

No surprise, but Colton initially refused to accept this as the end. For someone so attached to getting engaged by the end of filming, he insisted to Cassie that he wanted to be with her regardless of what their relationship status was. Cassie began second-guessing herself, wondering if she would ever reach the level of commitment and love Colton wanted and seemingly already reached. Colton reminded her it was OK for her to take her time in building their relationship, but Cassie's ship of doubts had already sailed.

Her confusion was ultimately too strong and Colton reluctantly said goodbye to her, although he cryptically promised, "I'm not going to stop fighting for you." As soon as her car left, he headed into his hotel room, came back out, and promptly ditched cameras to launch himself over a fence.

Welp, there it is, folks! Was it worth the wait for you?

I'll take that as a yes.

The good news is that we can safely assume Colton did eventually return to the Bachelor crew. What we don't know is whether Colton bothers with Hannah G.'s overnight date or a proposal. The fence jump can't just amount to nothing, right?

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special airs on Tuesday, March 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.