Twitter Is Cheering For Cassie's Dad During 'Bachelor' Hometown Dates


Dads on The Bachelor usually become fan favorites during a season's hometown dates, but Bachelor Nation didn't immediately warm up to the fathers of Colton Underwood's remaining four contestants. All were understandably skeptical about their daughters' relationships with Colton, but it took Cassie's dad putting his foot down about a rapid-fire engagement for Bachelor Nation to fall in love. These tweets about Cassie's dad on The Bachelor and his stance on its outcome prove that he's more relatable than most people on this show.

ICYMI, Cassie, 23, went into hometown dates after a bit of a rough week. She and Caelynn were caught up in drama surrounding their alleged conversations about becoming the next Bachelorette and how they reacted poorly to the other women's curiousity about this talk. Cassie convinced Colton that she was genuinely there for him and their potential relationship. But seeing as Caelynn seemed to present a last-minute appeal for Cassie's sake, Cassie's hometown date with Colton could have been pretty awkward.

While their surfing activity in Huntington Beach, California, went smoothly, Colton's introduction to Cassie's family hit a sour note. Cassie's dad Matt was reluctant to accept him as a viable suitor for Cassie, as Colton had three other women vying for his heart. This concern is no different than any other Bachelor dad's worries, but Matt fought to ensure Cassie knew how he was feeling.

"[Marriage is] just something you don't jump into," he told her. "How can you be sure after that short of time?... You're 23. You have your whole life ahead of you, and you don't have to rush into anything."

Preach, Papa!

Cassie didn't take his advice too well, and her dad ultimately didn't give Colton his blessing for him to possibly propose to Cassie. This was smart, as Cassie neglected to give a definite answer about whether she was ready to be engaged.

As much as Cassie was channeling her inner teenager, Twitter was busy celebrating Matt's realness about how, more often not, Bachelor relationships just aren't realistic.

Matt's reluctance to give Colton an a-OK definitely plays up Cassie's apparent uncertainty about getting engaged. Your parents don't always know best, but when a dad is seen addressing exactly what other women seem to see in Cassie, it does raise questions. Is Matt used to seeing Cassie unsure about big life decisions?

Meanwhile, Cassie didn't even tell Colton that she was falling in love with him, revving up the former NFL star's insecurity about what woman was best for him. Keeping up with the vagueness we've seen before, Cassie told him, "I'm really excited to see where everything can go. I don't want it to be over."

Well, with fantasy suites coming up, Cassie will have to face the end sooner rather than later. The speech pathologist has to figure things out ASAP, and Bachelor Nation is definitely holding her accountable on Twitter.

Here's hoping Cassie keeps her dad's advice in mind in these final stages of the season.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.