Cassie Revealed Her *True* Feelings About An Engagement When Her Dad Came To Fantasy Suites


It's no secret that Bachelor Nation loved Cassie's father Matt during The Bachelor's hometown dates. Matt reminded his daughter that, at 23 years old, she has her whole life ahead of her and that she shouldn't feel the need to rush into marriage or even a serious relationship. As much as we loved his insightful, totally accurate advice, Cassie wasn't so thrilled about his refusal to give Colton Underwood his blessing for a marriage proposal. Well, we knew her dad was serious, because he just turned up during fantasy suite week. Cassie's dad crashed her Fantasy Suite date, but it seemed totally worth it.

ICYMI, Matt was the only father of the four remaining women not to give Colton permission to propose if he felt so inclined. While the rest of Cassie's family seemed to warm up to Colton during his visit to Huntington Beach, California, Matt was staying firm. In his private talk with Cassie, he voiced his concerns, saying, ""[Marriage is] just something you don't jump into. How can you be sure after that short of time?"

His points summed up what many members of Bachelor Nation have probably considered when looking at Colton's fairly young group of contestants. After avoiding questions of whether she was ready for a commitment, Cassie was also the only woman not to tell Colton she was falling in love with him during hometown visits. He still gave her a rose and said goodbye to her BFF Caelynn, but viewers definitely weren't feeling confident about Cassie's likelihood in accepting a potential proposal.

Those doubts came to a head on March 4's episode, which took place in Portugal. On the romantic day portion of Cassie's fantasy suite date with Colton, they discussed their hometown conversations with her dad and how he didn't give Colton his blessing. This was a huge surprise for Cassie, who thought her family trusted her enough to make a decision like this. The reveal seemed to send her mind churning, and Colton saying that a lack of a blessing didn't discourage him was also concerning for Cassie.

Big shocker, but Cassie then returned to her hotel room in between date segments to soon receive a visit from none other than her dad. At least it wasn't a rugged ex determined to propose himself, right?

Matt reminded Cassie that getting engaged was a big step at such a young age, let alone when you were committing to someone you barely knew. He admitted to not feeling that she was ready for that leap of fate, prompting Cassie to come clean about the stress of how little time she had to make a decision. "I don't want it to be over with [Colton]," she told her dad, "but it scares me getting to the end and accepting a proposal."

Matt didn't want to pressure Cassie into a particular decision, but he couldn't move past how conflicted she seemed. Understandably, he didn't think feeling so hesitant about getting engaged was a good sign. He even confessed that if she had seemed overwhelmingly happy with Colton, their hometown conversations would have gone differently. Matt ultimately encouraged her to just be honest with Colton and not force a serious connection if the chemistry wasn't there.

Um, can Matt stop by and give me relationship pep talks on the regular?

Cassie then confessed to cameras that she was finally paying attention to her true feelings. The only problem was that she had to tell Colton her truth. Given the ominous teasers for the rest of the season, that discussion might not go so well for Colton. But as long as a woman does what feels 100 percent right for her and her life, Bachelor Nation definitely can't complain.

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special airs on Tuesday, March 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.