15 Sexiest Things To Do With Your Partner When You're Frisky & Have Cabin Fever

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The words "cabin fever" make me think of exactly two things: Abraham Lincoln (I... don't even know why) and the early 2000s horror flick by the same name. TBH, I've never seen the film in full — but I do know that Cabin Fever's got a sex scene that's kind of legendary (in which Rider Strong, aka Shawn from Boy Meets World, has "The world is ending!" sex with a girl named Marcy because all of their friends are falling victim to flesh-eating disease). And recreating that scene is one of many sexy things to do at home when you and your partner are stuck inside.

But don't worry, friends, the list of saucy, staying-in activities doesn't end there, nor should the fear of a flesh-eating bacteria have to play any role in your own cabin fever sexcapades! No matter what's kept you two stuck indoors — be it a blizzard, dreary weather in general, horrendous delays on public transport, the plague (IDK?!) — being cooped up together is a great excuse to get frisky. Sure, you could spend hours lying side-by-side and scrolling through your individual Instagram feeds. Or, you could have some smoking hot sex and take your sense of intimacy to a whole new level. Your call, y'all!

If you're thinking the latter sounds like a way better use of your time (I agree) and need a little inspo to get that no-pants party started, you've come to the right place. Here's a list of 15 sexy activities, games, and new moves to try when you and your partner are trapped indoors with a crazy case of cabin fever.


1. Re-enact your favorite sex scenes, whether they're from low-budget horror films, rom-coms, or Nicholas Sparks movies.

2. Try something totally new in the bedroom — like tying each other up or doing a little role play.

3. Play a few rounds of strip poker (or strip Happy Days game, if that's all you've got on-hand).

4. Light a few candles and take a bubble bath together. Be sure to lather your partner up really well.

5. Make a (consensual) sex tape with your partner. (This is just step one. Step two is to turn said sex tape into a multi-million dollar empire like the Kris Jenner geniuses you are! But we'll cross that bridge later.)

6. Cover your partner in whipped cream and chocolate syrup like the tasty treat they are. Then lick it all off.

7. Watch some porn together. And then see if you can pull off the same moves.

8. Play sexy truth or dare, like kids at a sleepover.

9. Have your own boudoir photo shoot — take some steamy pictures of one another and save 'em for your spank bank.


10. Bake cookies or cook dinner totally naked (oven mitts and aprons are fine, though! Don't burn yourself).

11. Go a little Moulin Rouge and do a sultry, strip tease routine for your partner.

12. Make a list of new sex moves to try. (If bad weather's keeping you two trapped inside, why not give some of these snow day sex positions a go? They'll do a way better job of warming you up than a radiator).

13. Do a little online shopping for some sex toys that'll spice up your love life in the future (and talk through everything you can use them for).

14. Get kind of kinky and experiment with a bit of BDSM (if you two are both comfortable with that, of course!).

15. If you're feeling artistic — and have the necessary space and supplies — cover each other in paint and make a sex canvas. Optional: Hang it on your wall and giggle every time a friend compliments your taste in home decor.

Don't all of these sound way better than going out and braving the cold?

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