4 Sex Positions To Try On A Snow Day That’ll Really Heat Things Up In Bed

by Jamie Kravitz

Just in case you need any more convincing that 2018 will be the year the world ends, there's apparently a "bomb cyclone" of snow hitting the East Coast right now. Yay for snow days, but also WTF is happening? I'm not a meteorologist, but I say your best chance of survival is probably to call up someone hot and just cuddle and have sex with them all day long. Need ideas? These four sex positions to try on a snow day will keep things steamy in the bedroom and also distract you from the potentially hazardous blizzard conditions outside your window.

Each of these sex moves, inspired by the winter weather, celebrate the best aspects of snow — and leave out the worst. They capture all the fun of sledding and snowball fights, without involving the bitter cold or winds that sting your face. Snow is fun for, like, five minutes, but these sex positions will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, instead of being outside getting cold and wet, you'll be inside keeping warm and, well, OK, hopefully still getting wet. Of course, snow day rules do apply here: Always be safe, have fun, and definitely end the day with some hot cocoa.

1. The Grayson

Named after our first big storm of the new year, Winter Storm Grayson, this sex position essentially involves your partner going down on you under the covers. You both get to stay warm, and hopefully, it will feel so good that you call out or moan their name... which might be Grayson? If not, probably stick with their actual name to avoid making things unnecessarily awkward.

2. The Snow Blower

This is a seasonal take on the wheelbarrow sex position, if only because it kind of looks like your partner is pushing a snow blower (i.e. you). Warning: This will take practice and strength on both your and your partner's parts. Lean your forearms on a pillow and lift your body up like you're doing a wheelbarrow race. Have your partner stand behind you, holding your ankles. They'll bend your legs and line your thighs up with theirs. You can also extend your arms and wrap your legs around your partner's waist if that feels more comfortable. You'll definitely get a workout with this move.

3. The Plow

I mean, I couldn't help it. Yes, this is basically just doggy style sex, but it's snow-themed because your partner is... well, you get it. To make this move even hotter, do it in front of a full-length mirror. You might just be surprised by how turned on you get from watching you and your partner have sex.

4. The Hand Warmer

For this move, you'll need warming lubricant or massage oil. Use only the lube or oil and your hands on your partner, and vice-versa. Draw out this sensual foreplay for as long as you can. Then, move into a spooning sex position. You both lie on your sides as if you're spooning. Lift one leg, and allow your partner to enter you from behind. Have them keep their thrusts slow and passionate throughout, and encourage one another to continue using your hands for stimulation.

Snow days are all about having fun and taking a break from the usual stress of the week. Try out these sex moves with your partner, and you'll both forget about your responsibilities — if only for the day.

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