The Snow Angel Sex Position Is Going To Blow Your Mind

What's that? You're dying to spice up your sex life this winter (same, girl, same), but wondering which new moves and positions to try in 2018? I thought so. Friends, allow me to introduce you to the snow angel sex position — the most versatile, hilarious, and sensual move you can add to your sexual arsenal this winter.

I mean, it's a whole new year, which makes it the perfect time to try a whole new variety of sex positions in the bedroom (and beyond), am I right? Missionary and cowgirl are so 2017. Regardless of whether you're in a long term relationship and looking to surprise your partner, hoping to have a great time with the stud you met on New Year's Eve, or down to have one last hurrah with your cuffing season companion, the snow angel is really the only move you need.

Don't worry, it doesn't actually involve snow (well, it could, but I feel like outdoors + cold + nudity is not the greatest combo?), nor do you need to have the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast or a non-existent gag reflex to pull this off. The snow angel is just a totally fun, easy, and kinda silly sex move, aimed at giving you and your partner a laugh while getting you guys off. Like Olaf, but... sexier.

You don't need Red Bull, y'all — the snow angel will really give you wings.

So, how do you do it? Where do you do it? How many times should you do it? Don't worry, I'll lay it all out (pun definitely intended).

How to do it.

The snow angel's actually pretty straightforward. Basically, the receiving partner lies on their back in a spread eagle position, and the penetrating partner does the same directly on top of the receiver. Then you go through the motions and do exactly what you would if you were making actual snow angels. Like, with your arms waving and everything.

Where to do it.

It's probably easiest to test the snow angel out on a bed, but once you've got the hang of it, feel free do it up against a wall. Or on the floor. Or lying on top of your kitchen table. Everywhere and anywhere.

If you really want to take things to the next level, try doing it in the shower with a ton of bubbles (like snow! But soapy!).

Who to do it with.

So, you can do the snow angel with literally anyone, but I'd recommend trying it with someone who's game for a laugh, whether they're your hookup buddy or longtime S.O. Like I said, this move's not about blowing your partner's mind with unmatched sexual prowess and skill. It's about having a great time. If you're not chuckling, you're just going to be two bodies silently flailing, and things will probably get weird fast.

When to do it.

All. Winter. Long. You and your partner can do the snow angel as many freaking times as you want. Heck, do it on an infinite loop from now until spring, if you're into it! You'll be cracking up while simultaneously feeling like a sexy snow princess (I'm pretty convinced it's the only surefire way to warm up right now, anyway).

All right, now that we've covered the basics, I think it's time you give the snow angel a go, no? Grab your partner, throw on some spicy (and preferably white) lingerie, and — if you're really committed — cover your bed in fake snow.

Winter has come. Why shouldn't you?

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