How To Have The Best Sex Ever If You're Snowed In All Day

by Jamie Kravitz

Winter is coming, and that means you will inevitably be spending some time snowed in. If you play your cards right, though, you won't be stuck at home alone swiping on Tinder. Instead, swipe on Tinder beforehand, and set up a cozy date for when the flakes start to fall. Seriously though, planning for snow day sex is so simple, and oh so rewarding. Think about it: an uninterrupted day of bliss — no responsibilities and tons of great sex.

To ensure that you and your partner actually have the best sex ever, it's important to follow these five rules. Trust me, you don't want to be snowed in (let alone naked) with someone you can't stand, and you definitely need to stay hydrated. Two different concerns, but both are equally important for an all-day sex marathon in the middle of winter.

A storm is in the forecast, and you don't want to spend your snow day solo (sadly, you're still alone even if you have a big bottle of wine). So get a fire going in more ways than one and crawl under the blankets with someone sexy. Because chances are, the snow isn't going to stop anytime soon... and neither are you.

1. Choose your partner wisely.

If you're in a relationship, then you obviously know who you'll be shacking up with come rain, sleet, or snow. If you're single, however, your job is a little more difficult. When choosing your holiday hookup, be wary of using this snow day as a first date. If you've never met IRL, do you really want to commit to a whole day of sex with this person? If the two of you don't get along or the hookup is awful, you're screwed in more ways than one. The ideal partner for this situation is someone you've hooked up with before, and know you enjoy spending time with outside of the bedroom, as well.

2. Stock up on supplies.

Make a checklist of things you'll need, like condoms, Gatorade, snacks, Netflix or DVDs (to put on and then not watch), sex toys, and a flashlight or candles. I mean, you'll want to be able to have sex even if the power goes out, right? Prepare for every contingency, and you won't have to stress about the sex, your guest, or anything else.

3. Do it in every room.

Doing it in missionary over and over again won't cut it when you're trying to go all day. Switch up the positions and change locations as well. For added fun, have your partner bend you over a different piece of furniture in each room of the house. Bathroom sink, kitchen counter, living room couch, bedroom dresser, and even the washing machine in the laundry room.

4. Take breaks.

Besides needing a ton of stamina, you don't want to tire yourselves out early on. Tease one another by getting close, and then stopping before reaching climax. This will build anticipation and keep you from feeling overstimulated too soon. In between make-out sessions, don't forget to refuel with light snacks and plenty of fluids.

5. Have fun!

The last rule is almost always to have fun, and this list is no exception. The sex will be so much better if you are relaxed and in the mood. Make sure to get yourself and your partner ready with flirty foreplay before jumping into bed. You can also take this opportunity to try new things and get a little kinky — what happens when you're snowed in will stay your little secret.

Snow days are just so much better when you're an adult, aren't they?

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