The 7 Things You Need For A Snow Day Date, So Start Stocking Up

Snow is cozy. Or, to be more accurate, snow is cozy when you are looking at it from inside, sitting next to a roaring fire with an adult beverage in hand. Snow is even better when you are doing all of those things and you are cozied up with someone you really like. (Or, someone you at least like snuggling with.) Since most of us do not have the luxury of escaping to a lodge at the first sight of flakes, let's run down some snow day date essentials for you, your crush, and your studio apartment.

First, I need to declare that snow is the most romantic weather on planet earth. Before you protest, I'm sorry. I'm correct. The whole "kissing in the rain" trope from film and TV is fake news. All I can think about is soggy shoes and an immediate need to get in a hot shower. In terms of romance, sunny weather is equally overrated. Making out on the beach is sweaty and sandy, plus if you're in love or even just feeling nether-butterflies for someone, you don't need the added benefit of sunshine.

Yes, snow is the most romantic weather because it's beautiful, it made us giddy when we were children, and it actually looks kind of cute when it lands in your hair. Snow is cold, and it follows that we humans are more inclined to get close to each other to keep warm. So grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, old hookup, date from Tuesday or whatever, do a snow dance, and stock your apartment with these snow day essentials.

1. A Ready-to-Go Charcuterie Board Kit


As long as your snuggle-buddy isn't vegan, having a few particularly fancy cheeses and meat to accompany them in your fridge is an adorable, easy comfort snack. I'd recommend a soppressata, a robust cheddar, and a creamy camembert. A chutney never hurts either. Cheese can be stinky, so put some mulling spices on the stove to make your tiny apartment smell like a party. Which brings me to...

2. Mulling Spices


You can get mulling spices from any number of specialty grocery stores, and they go particularly well with cider or wine to make a delicious beverage. Or, you can simply put them in some water on your stove at low heat to make your apartment smell like magic and set the mood for you and bae. Holiday sex.

3. The West Wing Downloaded On Netflix

The key here is to make sure you download all episodes and have a laptop with a solid charge in case the power goes out. The West Wing is the perfect show to binge-watch right now, especially since there are some particularly great holiday episodes. Plus, there are seven seasons, so you can hang out with your cutie forever without wanting to poke your eyes out.

4. Booze

If you and your partner drink, why wouldn't stock up on your favorite bourbon or Beaujolais for a snow day? Drinking midday when you're supposed to be at work is like stealing from your parents' liquor cabinet in high school, except now you don't have to refill the Ketel One bottle back up with water. Being low-key naughty is fun.

5. Condoms

Safety first! I'm assuming that if you're willing to hole yourself up with someone during a blizzard, there's a pretty good chance you've already boned. If not, there's still a possibility that by Sorkin-less Season 5 of The West Wing, you'll get bored and need another activity, so make sure there are at least a couple condoms floating around your apartment.

6. Adult Coloring Books

Again, The West Wing can only carry you so far, so why not grab some colored pencils and color? There are so many different adult coloring books out there now. Added challenge: can you stay in the lines while getting day-tipsy?

7. Candles And Matches

Candles and matches are vital for many reasons, including an alternate way of seeing your blizzard buddy's face if the power goes out completely, but if you really do get snowed in together for a full day, you both are going to have to go about your, er, business. Lighting a match after going to number two is an obvious but effective way to hide your thunder.

From safety and aromatherapy to ingesting and imbibing, the above should have you and your cutie covered the next time it snows. Honestly, now I'm wishing I could cozy up in bed all day and watch multiple seasons of TV shows I missed out on as a youth — Deadwood, I'm coming for you eventually. A warm body as company would be even better. Now excuse me while I go check the weather...

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