8 Netflix Sex Scenes That Are Way Hotter Than Watching Porn

by Niki McGloster
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With the amount of d*ck pics and celebrity side boob at our fingertips, it's no surprise we're ready to rev our libidos up at a moment's notice.

Nowadays, porn is everywhere, so you don't have to look much further than Tumblr to get off. Still, there are genital-stirring gems hidden in the movies you love to watch over and over again. Paired with a bottle of Chardonnay, watching a sexy plot can be more arousing than a PornHub vid.

Trust me, Netflix has been known to cure many-a lonely Friday night. Also, streaming a flick while cozying up to your boo can become the most satisfying threesome you've ever had.

From mildly arousing to full-on masturbation worthy, these sex scenes will keep you busy on a Friday night in.

1. When Annette and Sebastian make love in "Cruel Intentions."

What better way to relive your '90s sex fantasies by watching Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon?

With its teen angst, lesbian kissing and a sexual wager for rich kids with nothing better to do, "Cruel Intentions" is practically cinematic edging. Wrought with virginal, slow-burning sex antics, this drama spends over an hour leading up to Sebastian (Phillippe) and Annette's (Witherspoon) bedroom romp.

Looking back, it was a pretty cheesy love-making scene, but it's still steamy enough to give you flashbacks of your not-so-perfect first time. Grab a glass of Chardonnay before getting frustrated by Kathryn's antics or Cecile Caldwell's painful-to-watch naivete. This steamy bedroom romp should hold you over until the "Cruel Intentions" reboot.

2. That threesome in the second season of "House of Cards."


The brooding power dynamic that runs throughout the entire second season of "House of Cards" is absolutely titillating. By episode 11, "Chapter 24," the tension is palpable.

Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) and her congressman hubby, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), have an open marriage, which results in some interesting sexual trysts. In this particular episode, Secret Service agent Edward Meechum and Claire share a drink, which turns into a drunken threesome with Frank.

Though there's not much commentary as to what the f*ck is going on, the scene definitely jolts your arousal. Your imagination will have to handle the rest, though, as the moment is only three-minutes long.

We can only hope season four provides us with more late night fondling fodder.

3. The first time Nick and Catherine have sex in "Basic Instinct."

There's no greater personification of female sexual power than Catherine Tramell's (Sharon Stone) infamous panty-less leg cross.

Tramell owned this thriller, and her award-winning performance is one we'll still be talking about for years. That erotic energy comes to a head when Michael Douglas' Nick Curran trails Tramell to a nightclub and ends up at her apartment.

Their first time isn't just stimulating, it's realistic. Without all the harsh porn-star lighting and overacting, these two Hollywood titans create a passionate, animalistic sex scene you'll want to replay multiple times.

4. Meredith and Derek's prom scene on "Grey's Anatomy."

Even a casual fan knows Meredith and Derek's love affair is maddening. By season two, the characters' cat and mouse game becomes exhaustive, even for the two of them.

In "Losing My Religion," Meredith and McDreamy leave their significant others on the dance floor and steal away to an exam room for a bout of hot and heavy lovemaking.

With an orgasmic relief, you'll cling to all four minutes of their romantic climax.

5. The cult-like orgy in "Eyes Wide Shut."

Stanley Kubrick's erotic thriller is bizarre, to say the least. The film follows Tom Cruise's Bill Harford as he explores his sexual desires after his wife (Nicole Kidman) has a fantasy about a Naval officer.

His thirst for carnal experiences takes him to an occult-style orgy party overrun with naked women and sexual favors. The scene is thin on lust but it gets the job done -- you know, if you're into eerie masks and such.

6. When Dexter and Hannah finally succumb to sexual tension in the eponymous show.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall), is a cold-hearted crime-solver and a serial killer. He operates in a primarily asexual manner, which is why meeting his serial killing soulmate, Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), is a game-changer.

The attraction is immediate, and downright palpable. In "Do the Wrong Thing," Dexter sets the scene to kill her, because, hello, she's a serial killer! Right when you think Dexter is about to off her in his usual fashion, however, the two slip into a sex scene.

7. Every time Roz and Lil sleep with each other's sons in "Adore."

Fair warning, this movie isn't very good. BFFs Naomi Watts (Lil) and Robin Wright (Roz) try to make us believe they love each other's sons, but I'm not buying it.

However, the sex scenes are realistic enough to keep watching while finishing off a pint of Caramel Apple Pie Talenti. Once you get past the semi-incestuous plot, the rough sex scenes (up against a wall and on a tabletop) will drag you to the brink of arousal.

Almost every damn scene in "Nymphomaniac Vol. I."

Zentropa Entertainment

This dark drama follows a sex-addicted woman's escapades as she tries to get well. As you watch scenes of an intensely erotic blowjob or an emotionless doggystyle, it may spark some interesting bodily reactions.

Throughout, your excitement will ebb and flow. Still, all two hours are a pretty good way to get off on a lonely Friday night. Even if you don't reach your climax, you'll get a long look at Shia LaBeouf's manhood.