15 Dirty Talk Phrases For Beginners That’ll Bring The Ultimate Heat In The Bedroom

When you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, dirty talk can easily come to mind. At face value, dirty talk seems relatively straightforward and easy to do. However, it can still be a bit daunting, because if you're shy, or you haven't tried it before, or you don't know where to start, it can feel like a pretty big leap. I mean, what would you even say? Well, good news: If you're looking to add some frisky language to your repertoire, I've rounded up some dirty talk phrases for beginners that you can try out this very night.

The key to introducing dirty talk is to just ease into it with phrases that feel organic and natural — but that inspire the imagination and get the mojo flowing. These are small ways to dip your toes into the naughty-talk waters, because it can all be a bit intimidating, but so fun once you get the hang of it. Chances are, you'll discover it's actually more fun thank you could've guessed, and you'll get more and more comfortable the more you do it. Before you'll know it, you'll be a dirty-talk pro. But first thing's first: Below, some level-one ideas to get you started.

Talk about how you feel.

One of the best ways to ease into a little dirty talk is to just think about how you're feeling in the moment, and describe the effect they're having on you. It will make them feel amazing be much more organic for you. Added bonus: It's a great way to encourage and direct your partner toward doing more of what you want in bed.

1.Oh my god, I love it when you touch me just like that.”

2. “Your skin feels so good up against my skin.”

3. “I love to taste you.. and I love it when you taste me.”

4. “It just feels so good when you're touching me all over.”

5. “I love how your tongue feels.”

Tell them what you want to do them.

If you're feeling a little bolder, try whispering your plans for them gently in their ear. Trust me when I say a little dirty talk in a low voice will guarantee you their full attention. Besides, who doesn’t love a dirty little preview?

6. “I'm going tear off your clothes and have my way with you.”

7. "I'm going to make you come so hard."

8. "What do you want me to do to you? I’m up for anything.”

9. “Tonight I am going to kiss every inch of your body — and I mean *every* inch.”

10. “I’ve been imagining what I'm going to do to you tonight all day long.”

Tell them what you want them to do to *you.*

Once you're fully feeling the fantasy, don't be afraid to let your partner know what you want. Take control by giving them instructions on exactly what feels good for you.

11. “First I want you to undress me. Then want you to kiss every part of my body.”

12. “I need you inside me… now.”

13. “Tonight I want you to take control.”

14. “I’ve always wanted someone to spank me… and I want that someone to be you.”

15. “Make me come.”

Talking dirty in bed for the first time can seem a little scary, but you may be surprised by just how easily and naturally it rolls off the tongue once you get started. Not to mention how totally hot you may both find it. Just have fun and don’t be afraid to add a little verbal spice to your sex life at your own pace.