5 Sex Moves To Try When You're Role-Playing, Because You're A Star

Although you and your partner probably love each other for exactly who you are — there's no denying that pretending to be someone else for a night can be totally sexy. Whether you've always wanted to live out a fantasy scenario or the idea of wearing a costume in the bedroom makes you totally hot, these five sex moves to try when you're role-playing may be totally up your alley.

Fantasy can be fun, but like any good party, it can ultimately take some initial pre-planning. Though role-playing may mean acting in the moment, it's important to discuss consent and boundaries with your partner before diving into a scene. Having a safe word, or otherwise establishing some guidelines and standards that work for you, can be a great practice. Role-playing can be a super sexy way to leave your inhibitions at the door and tap into your sensual side, but you don't want to jump into motion without checking in first about what you will be doing. From costumes to props, there is no shortage of ways to dip your toes into the role-playing pond.

If you think you want to try role-playing, here are five moves to get you started.

Pansfun Images/Stocksy

Nice To Meet You

Sometimes, the hottest role-playing starts outside the bedroom. Separate before date night and agree to meet your partner at a bar or restaurant you both have never been to before. Once you spot them, pretend to be a stranger and offer to buy them a drink or meal. You can flirt as you eat, pretending to be different people. When you're ready to bring it into the bedroom, you can pretend to have a sexy one-night stand.

Direct Massage

Role-playing as a masseuse and a client can be a super sexy way to get a little handsy before really getting it on. Take the blankets and pillows off your bed, and position them away from the wall, so you can walk around and make it look like a massage table. Have the receiving partner enter the room like they are a client getting a massage. After giving them a solid rubdown, try bringing the massage down a little bit — perhaps by engaging in oral sex.

One Of Your French Girls

Taking sexy pics or sending them to a boo means establishing a lot of trust and boundaries before anyone says "Cheese!" If you've talked the talk and you're on the same page, setting up a sexy photoshoot (where one partner pretends to be the model and one pretends to be the photographer/painter) can be some serious foreplay. Have the penetrating partner position their model in a pose, and either take photos or draw the model (or pretend to!). After the shoot is done, whisk the model away in your arms and have some sexy fun.

Cowboy Take Me Away

If you haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, it may be the time to watch it. Role-playing as sexy cowboys away on the ranch can be a totally hot way to feel connected to your partner. Whether you have a forbidden romance that can only happen on long trips or you love to horse around all day, role-playing as cowboys means riding your partner into the night. If you've talked about it before and you're both interested in trying bondage, cowboy role-playing can mean breaking out some ropes and lassos, too.

Get Physical

Have the receiving partner pretend to be going to the doctor for a checkup. The penetrating partner — dressed like a doctor (or whatever feels comfortable) can instruct the "the patient" to take off their clothes, then gives the patient a full body examine, full of subtle touching and licking. When the foreplay becomes too much, either switch roles or call the exam off to make room for some frisky fun.

Whether you dress it up or down, a little bit of acting can have a lasting impact. Of course, it's important to discuss the scene beforehand, to establish everyone's comfort levels and consent. Additionally, any of these sketches can involve subbing in sex toys for props. Role-playing can be a sexy way to reconnect with a boo — no matter who are you or who you want to be for the night.