A young Black woman sits in the grass in her backyard with her fluffy dog on a sunny day.
14 Backyard Pics To Take With Your Pup That'll Raise The Bark On Your Summer Instas

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Regardless of how sizzling your summer may be, your Instagram feed should make every bit of your season look — and feel — fresh. Some pics will always rake in the love and LOLs, like doggone cute photographs of your fur baby. But for your next photo session, consider switching things up with some creative embellishments and ideas that can really raise the bark on your content. Start brainstorming with these summery ideas for pictures with your dog that can be put together right in your own backyard.

To recreate these ideas, you only need a camera, some simple props, your sweet pup, and yourself. You likely won't get any arguments from your pet by having a few extra treats on hand when they smile for the camera, too. So, pack accordingly and be on the lookout for any cute, unexpected moments when your pooch is being extra silly.

If you're feeling funny or super inspired, you could totally squeeze any blurry or candid photos of your pup into your Instagram post by using the "select multiple" feature. You could caption your reel, "Instagram vs. Reality," or, "Swipe for a hyper surprise." Truth be told, your followers will love seeing your dog stealing your prop that you had planned for a Kodak moment and running around the yard with it.

Without further ado, here are the summery ideas for pictures you can plan with your pup. Share them with this hashtag: #backyardpuppics.

The "Adventure Buddies For Life" Picture
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Next to your best friend, your best furry friend is your favorite buddy to go on adventures with. They're always down to go for a hike or bike ride, and encourage you to explore entirely new areas of your neighborhood. For that reason, create this pic for IG.

Hop on a paddle board with your pup while your camera is set to self-timer mode on the shore. Place your pet near your feet and have them pose in their tiny lifejacket and swim goggles. If you don't have access to a lake, blow up a whimsical floaty for your pet to relax on in the grass while rocking a baseball hat and a pair of heart-shaped sunnies. A bike riding adventure works well, too, if your pup loves riding (safely) in your basket.

The "Summer Picnics With My Pup" Picture

You've probably gotten pretty good at having picnics in your backyard this summer. You know exactly which jam to pair with a bread cracker and goat cheese, and you always lay out a towel or blanket that'll look colorful on your IG feed.

This month, though, bring your pup to your backyard picnic and snap some pics. Pose on your towel with treats — both human and dog kinds — and even set up an adorable café table for two. Have your pup sit sweetly on the chair and rock a yellow bowtie that coordinates perfectly with the fresh pitcher of lemonade.

The "Chilling On The Back Steps" Picture

Snap the "chilling on the back steps" picture when you're in a rush, but still want a cute photo to post on IG with your puppy. Put on matching baseball caps, bandanas, or sunglasses to add that magic touch, and then take a seat on the steps, with your pup on the one above or below.

Have them give you their paw or a wet kiss on the forehead. If you want to take this idea up a notch, then make your dog a Puppuccino at home and take a sip of your own latte at the same time your dog goes in for the first lick. I mean, how cute is a backdoor Puppuccino picnic? Edit the final photo with a dreamy at-home preset.

The "Licking And Lounging" Picture

Here's the sitch: Summer is a time for lounging. So, it's only fitting that you capture some moments chilling in a cozy hammock or wrapped up together in a cozy blanket by the fire pit. That's where the "licking and lounging" pic comes in handy. Bonus points if you catch your dog's tongue about to go in for a happy lick. You may even want to pick up a colorful popsicle or oversized lollipop for a silly prop.

The "Happy To Be At Home" Picture
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Spending summer at home opens the door to so many chill and exciting activities you don't always have time for. Celebrate the afternoons you are spending together with the "happy to be at home" pic and smile wide with your doggone adorable pet.

You can create this pic by placing a cozy pillow in your garden and cuddling up under some vibrant blossoms, or snuggling with your pet and a new book in the grass. For a duo who's feeling chill AF, turn your backyard into an at-home spa, put cucumber slices on your eyes, and lounge on fluffy towels under a retro-looking umbrella.

The "My Puppy Or A Model" Picture

Does your pup like to be in the spotlight? Do they stop and pose when they see you working the right angles for a social media post? If so, it's about time you have your fur baby work it in front of the lens and show off their model-like skills.

Set up a fun backdrop or find a simple spot in your backyard with lush greenery. Then, have your pup roll over, stand, or give you a paw for the self-timer.

The "Fetch Me My Sunnies" Picture

The sun doesn't always create the best lighting for pictures. But when it comes to snapping the "fetch me my sunnies" picture, you actually want to embrace highlights and the extra exposure. You also want to hold your hand up above your eyes, shading them and creating contrast within your pic.

The "Got My Puppy And My Purse" Picture

You and your dog are a couple of fashionistas. Together, you're always sporting the best looks — especially in the summer when you can pull out your sundresses, cute sneakers, and coolest purses of the season. Enter, the "got my puppy and my purse" picture. It's all about showing off your #OOTD and the fluffy love of your life.

The "Fanning My Best Friend" Picture
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A great prop for the summertime is a colorful handheld fan. Not only will your pup enjoy getting fanned, but your IG followers will get a big kick out of seeing how adorable they look living their best life. Put the focus on how you're pampering your pup, for a picture titled, "fanning my best friend."

The "Plants, Pups, And Kisses" Picture

There's nothing you love more on this planet than your plants and your pup. When they're in the same place, you swear you look like the heart eye emoji. Send the love you feel out into the world with the "plants, pups, and kisses" picture. Blow a kiss toward your beautiful bulldog or beagle, and pose in front of your budding plants while you do so.

The "Dancing Queens" Picture

Cue "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, because it's time to take the oh-so-cute "dancing queens" picture. For this shot, you'll want to catch your pup when they're standing up and you're "holding hands." Dance for a quick second while your best friend or SO takes a picture nearby. How pawfect.

The "Backyard Sips For Two" Picture

You're having a party in your backyard this summer, and the only two names on the invite list are yours and your pup's. It comes with no offense to your BFFs — you would just rather stay safe and spend quality time with your best fluff forever.

Prepare them their water in a fancy bowl that matches your cocktail glass. Make a little sign that says, "You can't sip with us." When you're sipping your IG-worthy cocktail, be sure your pooch is hydrating too, and take the "backyard sips for two" pic.

The "Practicing Yoga With My Pup" Picture
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If you haven't already laid out your yoga mat on your deck or in the grass and done a flow with your pup, what are you waiting for? This type of workout is good for your mind, body, and soul. Not to mention, your sweet pup will love being thoughtfully stretched and climbing onto your back. It's also a great opportunity to snap the "Practicing Yoga with My Pup" pic.

If you have two mats, let them hang out on their own. You're bound to capture some really cute candids on self-timer mode.

The "S'more Snuggles" Picture

Setting up a tent in your backyard and camping for a night is so in right now. Put on matching sleep tees, look at the stars, and enjoy snack time together. While your furry friend can't have s'mores, they can have s'more and s'more snuggles — and Milk Bones. Capture an IG-worthy moment while you're cuddling up that'll rake in all the comments and likes.