A woman stands under a giant outdoor umbrella in the summer.
Here's Where To Snag Those Dreamy Beach Umbrellas You've Seen All Over IG

Scrolling through Instagram is one of the easiest ways to scope out the hottest trends of the season. You likely have your go-to inflatable and vibrant picnic blanket on deck, but Business & Pleasure Co's beach umbrellas are the next accessories you need to check out. Not only do they provide much-needed shade on warm summer days, but they also exude a gorgeous vintage feel that will make all your vacay photos look extra dreamy.

Business & Pleasure Co's umbrellas come in a chic array of patterns, and they're portable so you can easily take them from the backyard to the beach. If you love a certain pattern, you can even get a cooler tote and a beach chair to match. (Although, some of the fun is in mixing different patterns that you love!) To kick off your shopping journey, these eight patterns are too cute for words, so you'll want to check them all out.

Wear a 1950's-inspired swimsuit with a pair of cat-eye sunnies, and you'll be ready for a throwback photoshoot on the beach. To wrap things up, use a retro filter and a clever beach umbrella caption for your Insta post so you can inspire all your friends to have a picture-perfect summer, too.

This Navy Stripe Beach Umbrella

The Lauren's Stripe pattern is a Business & Pleasure Co. staple that comes in a variety of colors, and this navy version is such a classic. It has a nautical feel, which is perfect for those chill seaside days. Shop the entire Lauren's Navy Stripe collection that includes beach tents, cooler totes, and towels.

This Paisley Bay Beach Umbrella

This chic beach accessory is anything but your typical yellow umbrella. On the inside, it has a vibrant Paisley Bay pattern that'll complete all of your pics in the sand. Be sure to complete your set with a matching beach chair (, $249).

This Stone Cold Fox Prairie Beach Umbrella

If you're a fan of the Stone Cold Fox clothing brand, you'll love this beautiful collab between the label and Business & Pleasure Co. The light prairie pattern on this umbrella mixed with the fringe trim gives it such a timeless feel. This particular style is part of Business & Pleasure Co.'s holiday beach umbrella collection, which features smaller umbrellas than the premium beach umbrellas.

This Tie-Dye Beach Umbrella

Tie-dye is all the rage this summer, and you're here for it. You might have even tried your hand at some wine dye of your own, thanks to seriously creative TikTok users. Sip your fave glass of rosé (if you're 21 or up) and get your DIY on under a pink tie-dye umbrella.

This Beach Stripe Umbrella

Another collab that Business & Pleasure Co. has done is with One King's Lane. This pattern features vibrant blue stripes, and comes in either the holiday or premium sized umbrellas. You can even get a matching sling chair to relax on in the shade while you're cooling off.

This Vintage Black Stripe Beach Umbrella

If you're looking for something super chic, treat yourself to this vintage black stripe umbrella. Since it's black and white, it'll match just about any swimsuit you decide to wear to the beach. You can even get yourself a matching beach bag (, $59) for all your essentials, including your juicy summer reads.

This 70's Panel Gold Beach Umbrella

This premium beach umbrella features a 70's Gold Panel pattern that'll look so swell in your sun-drenched pictures frolicking in the sand. There's even a pink version if that color is more your jam.

This Pink Crew Stripe Beach Umbrella

Think pink this summer and get yourself a Pink Crew Stripe umbrella. Mix up some frosé for you and your bestie to enjoy (and stay on theme) while lounging under your umbrella.