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29 Must-Have Home Goods For Summer That'll Instantly Upgrade Your Time At Home

by Alexa Mellardo
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The sun-filled summer travel plans you spent all winter fantasizing about are on hold indefinitely and heading to the beach for the weekend or to a cute, coastal destination isn't an option for much of the country. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, instead of catching flights and sipping Aperol Spritzes on plush beach cabanas or visiting a charming Italian city to devour fresh seafood and sightsee, you're spending more time catching feelings for your Netflix and Hulu queues than you ever expected. As disappointed as you may be, staying safe and at home doesn't have to be a buzzkill. You just need to spruce up your space. That's why we've hand selected the must-have home goods for summer 2020 to help you turn what's left of your summer at home into an extra special extended staycation that'll instantly liven up your Instagram feed.

With a little added creativity on your part, shop any of the fresh props featured on this list and your summer will sizzle with excitement. Whether you create your very own beach-like getaway using the hottest decor trends of the season, allow your newfound green thumb to transform your windowsill, or turn your backyard into a romantic makeshift movie setup, each and every one of these goodies will make a splash in your space and backyard this season — no saltwater pool required.

Here's what to buy to make staying home exciting.

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Stuff To Buy That Will Instantly Transport You To The Tropics

Whether you're always on the go or simply suffering from a never-ending case of wanderlust right now, these products will instantly transport you to the beachy vacation you wish you could be on. You might have to make your own Mai Tai, but hey, it could be worse — at least at home, there's no sand.

Your spiked seltzer and sweet tea can chill on ice in style, thanks to this floral drink cooler. This inflatable beverage pool accommodates up to 18 cans, making it the ultimate accessory to keep on tap all summer long.

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Bath & Body Works' Tiki Beach candle will transport your senses to the soft sands of a seaside resort. Blended scents of orchids, warm vanilla musk, and toasted coconut will make you feel like you're on #vacaymode from the comfort of your couch.

Tie-dye is having a moment this season, and the trend isn't leaving anytime soon. Not only will you make a statement at socially distanced backyard picnics in this maxi skirt paired with a crop top, but you can also wear it over a bikini while you bask in the sunshine.

This tropical bikini set is a must-have for any poolside or backyard staycation. The colorful print coordinates with just about any pool toy you can find, and the print is just begging to be shown off on your IG.

Stuff To Buy That Will Upgrade Your At-Home IG Pics

With all this extended time at home, it can be tough to feel inspired by your surroundings. But the ultimate IG is just a click away, especially once you've decked out your space with all these camera-ready essentials. From fresh blooms to picture-perfect flatware, the likes are going to pour in.

Nothing brightens up your IG feed more than fresh flowers. And who deserves to receive a pretty bouquet more than you? These uniquely wrapped flowers from Offerings Co. are unlike any you'll find at your local farmers' market. Whether you choose a "soft" or "joyful" color palette, styling a picture with your bouquet will be a bloomin' good time.

You'll be crushing hard on this orange crush tie-dye set, and so will all of your Instagram followers. Keep the cozy aesthetic on your feed going strong with this coordinating sweatshirt-and-sweatpant duo.

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Give your pics a vintage vibe with Fujifilm's instant camera. There's something extra special about having actual printed pictures to string up, scrapbook, or frame. Once you've covered every corner of your home with Polaroids, you can take some artsy IG pics to show off how cool they look.

Accessories pull every outfit together, and these stacked leaf-shaped earrings are too chic to pass up. The neutral color will match just about every vintage tee or boho sundress you're snapping a selfie in this summer.

What better way to spruce up your summer lewk on Instagram than by rocking a pair of non-prescription glasses? Whether you're taking a selfie with your fave book, posing for an outdoor mirror pic, or snapping a photo while writing in your journal, this opal tortoise frame totally complements your vibe.

If Ariel lived in the modern world, this iridescent flatware set would make an appearance on her table and Instagram feed. Channel The Little Mermaid by upgrading your dinglehoppers with these adorable utensils. Your summer salads, smoothie bowls, and backyard picnic pics will explode with color.

Stuff To Buy That Will Inspire Your WFH Setup

You may love the flexibility and coziness of WFH life, but admit it: Your "desk" could use a complete upgrade. By the time you're done shopping and styling, your all-new setup will inspire and delight you.

Now is a perfect time to personalize your home office with wall art created by one of your fave influencers: photographer, musician, and creative director, @tezza. Tezza's Dream Kit comes with 75 decorative wall photos, created by Tessa Barton and Cole Herrmann. This variety of summery snaps in warm tones of pink will be the perfect backdrop for your work area.

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This sweet pouch filled with sage, clear quartz, Himalayan salt, selenite, and a clearing ritual card is a fresh addition to your work area. Each piece is hand-picked and one of a kind, and will bring clean energy into your office space. What's going on in the world may be completely out of your control, but at least inside it's only good vibes.

"Pretty in pink" takes on a new meaning when it comes to desk accessories. This rose-colored keyboard and mouse set is everything your WFH setup needs. Plus, its "whisper-quiet" technology makes it so that your roomie won't even hear you typing and clicking away.

Take your tastebuds to Kenya, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and more destinations all across the globe with just your morning cup of coffee. By joining the Atlas Coffee Club, you'll receive fresh coffee and a sweet postcard from a different country every month. Complete with brewing tips and tasting notes, this is a savory experience you'll look forward to every morning and afternoon.

This portable humidifier is the little bit of TLC you've been craving. Nourish your hair and skin while you work with this pampering appliance that comes with a cool mist control, boasts a convenient size, and even has a USB travel cord to make this the ultimate companion.

Calling all goal-getters: You'll look forward to journaling in this adorable notebook. Whether you keep it on your desk next to your gel pens or at your bedside, the fresh cover design will always have you feeling inspired to list all of your goals. Once they're on paper, you'll be more than motivated to tackle them.

Stuff To Buy That Will Revamp Your Indoor Garden Game

Get your green thumb ready, because creating an indoor garden space is the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature right inside your very own home. It may not be the National Park camping trip you'd been planning on, but you'll feel refreshed and revitalized every time you take in the greenery growing right inside your home.

This succulent-themed box of goodies is sure to speak to your plant-loving soul. Each box comes with two repotted succulents, an Inked by Dani temporary tattoo set, and a care guide for your plants. Make room for these treasures on your windowsill for an uber-sweet addition to your indoor oasis.

Transforming your home into a mini greenhouse might be your new passion project — if that's true, then this organic kitchen herb kit is the perfect place to start. Choose from a variety of seeds, including basil, chive, dill, and rosemary. Once they sprout, you'll be able to season your food with your very own fresh herbs anytime you want.

Welcome this Monstera Deliciosa, better known as the "Swiss Cheese Philodendron" houseplant, into a cozy corner of your home. Have fun learning how to care for this beauty by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Placing the white pot on a funky, ornate rug gets a green thumbs up.

Add a vintage touch to your space with these green and pink glass misters. Your plants will stay hydrated and refreshed with every spritz. Plus, they double as instant decor.

Stuff To Buy That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

It might be a while before you feel ready (or are allowed) to book an appointment at your fave spa, but that doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself in the meantime. Whether you're craving a botanical bath or a soothing body scrub, we've got everything you need to overhaul your pandemic self-care routine.

Bath time is essentially your spa time, and it wouldn't be complete without a bamboo tray fit for the occasion. This eco-friendly caddy is water-resistant and features two holders: one for your wine glass and the other for your book or tablet.

Along with a juicy read, this botanical bath salt jar is #necessary for your next soak. A cosmic flower blend of essential oils and aromas will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. Plus, the jar itself will look super sweet displayed on your bathroom counter or windowsill.

Show your skin some extra lovin' with this decadent body butter. Aromas of honeyed peach nectar, crisp apple, jungle flowers, and lychee will have you looking forward to buttering up tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that.

Keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and moisturized after being in the sun feels so, so good, so why not make it a regular part of your routine? This almond and avocado hair masque makes your hair routine easy and is a summery treat your quarantine hair will look forward to.

Stuff To Buy That Will Steam Up Date Night At Home

When it comes to planning date night at home, the “not bored with you, but bored with doing the same old stuff” struggle can be real. But with these products on deck, you'll quickly become that couple — the one everyone DMs asking for date-night recs.

For the ultimate "treat yourself" dinner experience, add this lobster roll kit to your shopping cart RN. It's a splurge, for sure, but it'll bring a tasty piece of the shore straight to you. Fresh Maine lobster meat, white truffle tarragon butter, and four buttery brioche rolls? Um, yes, please.

If you tend to "rosé all day," Maison Noir Wines needs no introduction. Their Love Drunk 2018 bottle is the perfect addition to your bar cart for all your upcoming wine nights with your partner. The raspberry and strawberry aromas, accompanied by kiwi, watermelon, and strawberry flavors make this a must-have summertime sip.

It's time to call up your friends for a virtual '90s throwback game night. This Blockbuster Party Game puts all your fave classic flicks in the front row, so get your friends on Zoom and stock up on tons of movie snacks and popcorn to get in the zone. The winners get to pick what you watch next.

Take movie night to the next level with this home projector. Set it up outdoors to project any film against your house, or purchase a portable screen to go along with the projector for a cozy movie date night under the stars.

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Add to your cooking repertoire with this Sweet Home Café Cookbook that will bring African American recipes right into your kitchen. You and your SO will enjoy preparing every soup, salad, bread, and sweet in the book, especially the Sénégalaise Peanut Soup and Chocolate Chess Pie. Anytime you're in the mood to sweeten up date night, this cookbook has you covered.

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