All the inspo you need to make your first apartment the Insta-envy of your friends.

Urban Outfitters Make-Your-Own Neon Effect Sign Kit
This is for the DIYer who can make anything look Insta-ready. If you want a customizable neon sign but don't want to drop the cash, grab this neon-look light that you can fold and bend into whatever you want it to say.
Urban Outfitters Hello Neon Sign
If DIY isn't really your thing, you can snag this premade neon sign to brighten up any corner of your space. It's small, but hey, no one can tell when it's on Instagram.
Urban Outfitters 3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser
Amazon Moon Light Lamp
Moon sisters, use this moon light as your gentle reminder that you hold the power to make anything happen. Set it up on a bookshelf, or keep it at your nightstand to lull you to sleep in place of your harsh phone light.
Amazon Rose Gold Coasters
Place candles or your morning coffee on these metallic rose gold coasters. If coasters are the true mark of an adult apartment, then you've already made it.
Phaidon Wallpaper* City Guides
Like a visible bucket list you can display on your shelf, these City Guide Books aren't just useful — they're cool. Once you book a trip somewhere, make sure to snap an Insta of your plane ticket with the guide in view.
Urban Outfitters Female Form Mug
These whimsical mugs are a tribute not just to the female form but to the many shades we come in. Have a little bit of representation with your daily caffeine jolt.
Novogratz Aloha Collection Rainbow Doormat
Let your guests know what kind of apartment they'll be walking into before they even set foot in the door. This doormat is bright and colorful and sets the tone for what's to come in the rest of the apartment.
H&M "Hers" Porcelain Toothbrush Holder
Who needs the "his"? Load up on two "hers" cups for you and your roomie to organize your pens, toothbrushes, and everything else you can't find a place for.
WeekendWarriorTX Mexican Loteria Prayer Candles
Loteria is like the Mexican version of bingo, and the art on the cards has been the source of many trendy homegoods pieces lately. Create your own seance corner or alter to manifest good vibes on the next new moon, or simply decorate your desk space with a pop of color.
Brooklinen Luxe Starter Sheet Set
You need this sheet set in your life because 1. it comes bundled, and 2. it gets left at your doorstep. This is a great upgrade from your college sheets because Brooklinen's whole schtick is reasonably priced luxury that lasts.
Urban Outfitters Amped Fleece Throw Blanket
An apartment isn't a home until you have fluffy things everywhere — and that's a fact. So it's time to stock up on blankets made for your bed, for spending hours marathoning Netflix, for lazy Saturdays on the couch, and that's where this fleece throw comes in.
H&M Piped-trim Duvet Cover Set
If you're strapped for cash, start with a duvet. Choose one with a bright pattern that can act as the focal point of your bedroom, making you look way more put together than you actually are.
H&M Chiffon Flower Cushion Cover
The cushion comes seperately for this one, but the floral twists on this cover instantly add a pop of color and comfort to any bed or chair.
The Knit Beyond Chunky Knit Blanket
Anything that's cozy and Instagrammable is a double win. Better yet, you can customize this hand-knit throw to any color you want. It's made of wool, so you know it's extra comfy and cozy — perfect with Netflix at the end of a long day.
MountainElegance Barn Wood Headboard
If you've set up your room and it still doesn't feel like home, a statement piece like a headboard can be the eye catcher you've been looking for. This one is recycled and easy to hang. Add some fairy lights and you have a bedroom that's totally #goals.
Harper Blvd Spine Book Tower
Add this to the corner of your room to show everyone you read! Just kidding, but this tower will save space on a clunky bookshelf, and give you plenty of room (and easy access!) to your all of your favorites.
Haotian Wall-mounted Drop-leaf Table
Working with a small space? You can still have a work station that folds away when you don't need it with this table you can mount to the wall and use and display as needed.
United Seating Modern Ergonomic Computer Office Chair
This chair means business and you can tell by its color. A millennial pink office chair is perfect for your personal desk and you can even slide it to the common area when there's company.
Kings Brand Table With Side Shelves
Who said functional wasn't fashionable (or within your budget)? This desk fits perfectly snug next to any wall and comes with bonus storage so you can display your coffee table books and your potted plants in style.
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable With Bluetooth
Look, Cardi B just sounds better coming out of a record player, so you're going to want to grab this vintage player ASAP for your next Insta-worthy party. Bonus: It connects to your Spotify to play songs from your phone so all you've got to do is flip a switch and veg out, or get the party going by pumping up the volume.
Of A Kind Seed Shelf
Shelves can instantly tranform a space, and they don't have to be expensive to get the job done. Add this small shelf to your kitchen for a candle to burn while you're cleaning, or in your bedroom for your most valuable trinkets. Protection Ritual Kit
This kit allows you to clear out the negative energy from your space and start new, but hey, you don't need to limit using this to just when you move in. Burn sage, palo santo, dried cedar, and more at the start of each week, after a bad date, or whenever you feel you need it to stay centered and positive when life throws you a curveball.