13 Horror Movie Quotes About Love For Instagram Pictures With Your Boo

Let's talk horror, and then lots of love. Truth is, you wouldn't expect these two things to go hand-in-hand. But, some of the most classic films of all time combine the two subjects to tell a story. They create monsters and then reveal that their real motive was landing a kiss, or that very first date. (Can't you just shoot a cute text like everybody else, Frankenstein? Ugh!) This time of the year, those movies are getting watched on the reg. You and your boo are planning to watch your favorite ones well-past midnight, and gathering up some horror movie quotes about love for Instagram, too. (Let's be honest: Not posting a picture on Halloween night would give every single one of your followers quite the fright.)

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of horror movies. I've spent most of my life thus far dodging them. You won't catch me talking about goblins or witches in my spare time, even during the spookiest season of the year. Nor will you find me sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories with a flashlight. It's just not my style. (Sorry, but also not sorry.)

Truth be told, my version of the horror genre is just a few episodes of Stranger Things, and reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (Excuse me! Can we bring that hilarious black cat back on the pop culture scene, please?) I've been known to be totally freaked out by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, but can totally get behind the adventures of Millie Bobby Brown in the Upside Down. (It's all quite backwards, I know.)

Don't get me wrong: I'm still that girl who's obsessed with fall, and can appreciate a good film when one comes around. I love going to pumpkin patches and eating the best apple cider donuts from the orchard down the street. And then at the end of the day, I'm snuggling up and watching something animated, or a romantic comedy. That's the dose of love that gets me every time.

In additon, I understand the struggle and beauty behind films like Frankenstein, that tell a story beyond all the blood and gore. Sometimes it's a love story just in disguise, right? It's like the movie is wearing a mask, or a costume — and totally winning the contest, too, as more and more layers of each character are revealed.

You and your significant other have your favorites, which is why you need one of these 13 horror movie quotes that are actually all about love. Your next post will be boo-tiful for sure.

1. "I do remember you. Quiet, very smart, compassionate. Unusually compassionate." The Sixth Sense

2. "They are attracted to the one thing about her that is different from themselves — her life-force. It is very strong. It gives off its own illumination. It is a light that implies life and memory of love and home and earthly pleasures, something they desperately desire but can't have anymore."Poltergeist

3. "Frankenstein was interested only in human life. First, to destroy it; then, recreate it." Frankenstein

4. "Darling. Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya."The Shining

5. "We all go a little mad sometimes."Psycho

6. "You’ve got the body... I’ve got the brain."A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

7. "Love is the only thing that can save this poor creature, and I am going to convince him that he is loved even at the cost of my own life." Young Frankenstein

8. "But this is life. This isn't a movie." Scream

9. "I love you. I've always loved you."A Quiet Place

10. "I want to run towards something. Not away."It

11. "Look, the boogeyman can only come out on Halloween, right? Well, I'm here; I'm not about to let anything happen to you." Halloween

12. "And I needed to tell you something: You were never second. Ever. I love you." The Sixth Sense

13. "I'm not going to kiss the camera. I'll kiss you, but I won't kiss the camera."Paranormal Activity

Spooky stuff, huh? Well, maybe not to you and your significant other. But to me, we basically just walked through a haunted house. *Cue the shivers going up my spine.*

When the night of Halloween comes around, the two of you will be all dressed up in your couple's costume. This year, you decided to go as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, or two of your favorite characters from a horror film. Either way, you should use one of these quotes as a caption for your picture with your boo. It's all in the name of love and the spookiest season of the year.