12 Memes To Send Your Partner After Sex That'll Make Them Say "Same"

Picture this: You're in bed, and you and your partner just had one h*ll of a sexy night — if you catch my drift. They have to be at work extra early tomorrow morning, and the commute from your place to their job is substantial, which means no sleepover tonight. Now, that you've showered and you're cuddled up in bed, you start scrolling through Instagram, looking for the perfect memes to send your partner after sex. Because you know that if anything's going to make your partner LOL, it's a meme that'll remind you both that you just "get" each other.

Whether you're mad, sad, trying to mend an argument, or maybe even attempting to start sexting, there are memes for everything. Hell, sending memes can often feel a unique form of communication. Sending memes is like social media flirting on a personalized level. It's the modern day version of "I saw these flowers in the window and they reminded me of you so I bought them for you." (Which is honestly so sweet yet so, so sad at the same time? Please still buy me flowers!)

And while there are several ways to make sure your partner knows they're on your mind after your horizontal party comes to a hopefully mutually satisfying end, a funny meme has the potential to go way further than a text. Don't get me wrong, texts are fantastic. An "ILY baby, thanks for a great night," will never steer you wrong. But if getting a regular meme from your partner already makes you think, "OMG this is my soulmate," imagine what a post-sex meme will do.

Have I convinced you? However you and your partner use memes, your name popping up on their phone with one of these 12 silly memes attached is bound to put a smile on their face.

No better way to say "I'm home."

When bae comes over but doesn't stay the night, this is the perfect way to say, "Let me know when you get home, baby."

The important things in life.

What more do you need?

The best feeling, don't @ me.

Take notes!
It's called dropping a hint, duh.

It's not that hard!

The best kind of throwback.

Haddaway's lyrics make a funny meme, but they can also serve as a subtle way of telling your partner you're being vulnerable with them.

Perfect for sleepovers.

Well, first of all, there's actually 981 years until 3000. Second, try not to let your mind trick you into thinking bae wants anyone but you. They love you, and why shouldn't they? You are a freaking rockstar!

Protect our oceans.

Who doesn't love humor with a message?!

Send this one if you're actually still in bed.

But make sure they know you really do love them and that you're JK!

When can I say "I do"?

When they know you never actually want a small, they're the one, clearly.

Late-night munchies run.

If you don't get a little hungry after sex, teach me your ways.

When you and bae have been together long enough, they get to know your little quirks, sometimes even better than you do. There's nothing quite like having a bae who anticipates your own needs, even when you don't. Hello, #relationshipgoals.

This basically means you're meant to be.

True love at its finest.

Next time you're cuddled up in bed after getting it on and can't stop thinking about bae, consider letting them know with a meme, a puppy video, or even just a sweet message. Chances are, you're on their mind, too.