20 Memes To Send Your Partner If You’re Trying To Sext A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

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Are you awkward AF at starting a sexting conversation? Me too. I have a very, very low cheesiness ceiling, and thus, if I want to feel sexy or romantic, the conversation has to be equally funny, too. If you're someone who really appreciates traditional romance like poems and rose petals, that's awesome, but if you want to get in these pants, the only bone I'm interested in seeing (to begin with, at least) is the funny bone. This is where sexy memes come in, and having a few memes to send your partner to let them know you want to get down and dirty, digital-style, can both kick things off and make you laugh. To me, nothing is hotter than that combo.

The good news is, there’s no shortage of options floating around on social media. But, to separate the strong from the weak, memes should first and foremost be really laugh-out-loud, pee-in-your-pants funny. That could mean witty, clever, or even silly (who doesn't like a good dad joke, am I right?), so long as they make your partner laugh. Second, they've got to be a bit ~suggestive~. mean, that’s kind of the whole point: Make bae laugh and turn them on. Not sure where to start? Here are 20 to help inspire you.

1. For When You Want To Be Subtle… But Also Not So Subtle.

This is a great one to kick things off with, because you don’t have to go too far out on a limb. But if they're into it, they will read you loud and clear.

2. For When You Ain’t Got No Time For Subtly At All.

Listen, sometimes you want to play it cool and ease into the conversation. But if you want to spice things up, just say exactly what’s on your mind.

3. When You’re Feeling Like 100% That B*tch.

Because you are a work of art, and if you want to send nudes, do you boo. Just make sure to do so thoughtfully.

4. For When You Know They Need A Little Ego-Stroking To Kick Things Off.

Who doesn't want to know that their partner (or at least, their sexting partner) thinks they're sexy? Consider sending a message letting them know how hot you think they are as sexting foreplay.

5. For When You Really Want It Meow.

Cute and dirty, this meme is a perfectly cheeky way to let your boo know you're into getting freaky on the phone... and face-to-face.

6. For When You're Trying To Make It Clear What’s On Your Mind.

You can just caption this with “same” and bae should get the picture.

7. For When You Want To Give Them A Little Tease.

Give them a little taste of what's to come later: Your sweet, sweet moves.

8. When Laughter Is Their Biggest Turn-On.

It’s funny because it’s true.

9. For When You Want Them To Know Exactly What Kind of Mood You're In.

Give them them heads up that you're on your way and that the roommates need to clear out for an hour or so.

10. For When You Want To Let Them Know What You're Working With.

Send this meme when you want to make them laugh, and then call that Uber.

11. For When You Have No Chill.

Or is this technically all chill? Either way, you and bae will be on the same page.

12. For When You Know What You Want And You Aren't Afraid To Just Say It.

Go on and get yours.

13. For When You Want To Giggle And Jiggle.

Again, it’s funny because it's true. So, so true.

14. *Opens Group Chat*

Send this meme to anyone with the sex is so good, you need universal healthcare to recover.

15. For When They're Taking Too Long To Get To Your Place.

Tick tock! The time is now, so get that booty over here.

16. When They Just Aren't Picking Up What You're Putting Down.

Sometimes bae just isn't getting the picture. In that case, spell it out for them with this meme.

17. When You Want To Let Them Know A Solo Journey Won't Cut It Tonight.

Hey, you have discerning tastes, so there’s no need to settle for subpar porn or a solo sesh when you want someone to come over and join in the fun.

18. When Sexting Isn't Your Strong Suit, But You're Doing Your Best.

This meme is for all the people for whom sexting isn't really a thing, but they still want to make a booty appointment for tonight.

19. For when you want to keep it classy... or at least classical.

Honestly, getting your booty call deserves more pomp and circumstance. It is a privilege to even be considered.

20. When you know you've found your booty call soulmate.

When your nerdiness and theirs is compatible, there’s no bigger turn on. See? Sending sexty memes is just good, (not-so) clean fun.

This post was originally published on 11/15/17. It was updated on 9/6/19. Additional reporting by Rachel Shatto.

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