6 Funny Memes To Send Your Partner After A Fight To Make Them Laugh

Getting into fights with your boo thang is never much fun — especially when whatever you were fighting about never got resolved and one of you went stomping away to cool off. If you're at a loss over how to kill that post-fight awkwardness, finding some funny memes to send your partner would most definitely be a good start.

Although it's easy to hang onto anger or annoyance after having a disagreement, holding a grudge against someone you love over a fight is rarely productive.

In case you haven't heard, a great way to smooth over an argument with someone is to get them laughing — and courtesy of our immediate access to the world wide web, what better way to do that than with a hilarious meme?

The good news is that fighting is a totally normal part of most healthy relationships because at the very least, it shows you are making an effort to communicate and make your feelings known. But assuming you are both ready to continue on with business as usual after a spat, then sending them one of these funny memes is sure to break the ice.

1. When They Wouldn't Stop Telling You To "Calm Down"

At this point in time, it should be common knowledge that telling your bae to "calm down" is a surefire way to make sure that that doesn't happen. If your boo uttered these fighting words, then they should have saw what was coming... and if they didn't, then this cheeky meme is a light-hearted way of extending an olive branch. It also serves as a reminder for them to never make that mistake again.

2. When You're Still Kinda Mad

Still feeling pissed off post-fight, but also want to let them know you aren't freezing them out for good? Then a handful of pissed-achios could be just what the doctor ordered. This adorable meme is the equivalent of a virtual pout that will definitely make them chuckle.

3. When They Had To Have The Last Word

Again, they should have known. If mumbling under their breath didn't work with mom, then it certainly wasn't going to work during a fight with their significant other. Chances are, the fight could have ended much sooner if the person in the wrong could have admitted they were wrong... but no, just when the light at the end of the fight tunnel was in view, they had to get in one last jab.

4. When You Know You're Right, But Are Willing To Let It Go

If Morgan Freeman holding some cotton candy with a sassy look on his face doesn't make them crack a smile, then it's quite possible that nothing will. And just look at that backwards page-boy cap and brown suede coat.

5. When You Secretly Know They Were Right

It's funny how the person who's getting their ass handed do them during a fight is usually the first one to bring volume into the picture. This is essentially the slightly less inflammatory cousin of calm down. But where would we be if we didn't have a ride-or-die bae to bring things down to a dull roar before the neighbors call the cops?

6. When One Of You Is Holding A Grudge

Because despite knowing better, some of us just can't let go. But an adorable reminder of the fact that Patrick the star fish is a thing should be just the thing to get an angry boo back in your good graces — throw in a sushi dinner and all will soon be forgotten.

We can all agree that fights are less than ideal, but the more important thing is being able to muster the forgiveness and humor needed to move forward.

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