18 Memes To Send Your Partner To Make Them Laugh If They're Having A Bad Day

by Cosmo Luce

I love memes. If you're looking for memes to send your partner, you should hire me as your consultant. I love memes in the morning, memes in the evening, memes at suppertime. I have had entire relationships that took place over the course of two weeks of sharing memes. I have friends who I only communicate with when I see a meme that makes me think of them. And that means that I have a meme for every situation — including any given reason that your partner might need cheering up right now.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in 2017, the surest way to making someone laugh from afar is through sending them a really good meme. Pictures of puppies or small children being chased by even smaller ponies works, too, if your partner is really down in the dumps. But memes, unlike Google image searches of adorable animals, are the gifts that keep on giving. When you send a good meme, it's basically encouraging somebody to pay it forward. In fact, one might even go so far as to say that meme-sharing is a form of community building and mutual care.

Here are the best memes to send your partner when they're having a horrific day — for any reason — and you want to cheer them up.

1. When They're Griping About Their Worst Fears

If your boo is texting you some sad sh*t because they don't know what they're doing with their life's direction, they're suffering from a case of debilitating ennui, and doubting every decision they've ever made, send them this piece of Halloween gold.

2. When They're Depressed Because Rules Are Hard

If your partner's worried that they're going to fail their midterm because they forgot to turn in four homework assignments, send them this tiny piece of badassery.

3. When They're Worried About Whether Or Not They Have To Be On LinkedIn

Do employers even look at LinkedIn? Because I haven't updated mine since that time I was a middle school substitute teacher.

4. When They Text You That Everything Sucks

I'm only laughing 'cause I'm crying, and I'm only crying 'cause I'm slightly depressed.

5. When They're Worried About Money

I don't know if the Wikipedia page is real, but the meme is some inspired design.

6. When Their Day Didn't Go As Planned

Memes are poetry, and poetry is a tiny blip of pure emotion, and this meme most accurately captures the most real emotion I have ever felt.

7. When They Feel Weird About Their Halloween Costume

Latest medical research says dog memes are as healing as pizza is.

8. When They're Worried Because They Don't Know How To Have Fun

This wins the award for cutest, nerdiest meme ever.

9. When They're Concerned About Their Horoscope

PSA: Relationships aren't about your sun sign. Check which sign Venus is sitting in on your birth chart.

10. When They Made An Embarrassing Social Faux Pas

I think I had my senior composition workshop with this guy.

11. When They Don't Feel Pretty

Guys, this flirtatious gecko is actually giving me life.

12. When They're Worried They're Not Cool Because They Don't Know Any Good Bands

If you ever think you're becoming old and irrelevant, just consider that it's 2017 and Maroon 5 still doesn't know when to quit.

13. When They Have The Sunday Scaries

Classical art: people processing their emotions during antiquity. Memes: millennials processing their emotions today.

14. When They Are Stressed Because They Misplaced Something Important

Do you think Jack White is OK?

15. When They Are Having An Emotional Mope Day Because Existentialism

Me trying to get out of bed every morning.

16. When They Want To Be Anywhere Other Than Their Job Right Now

I thought I related the most to Eleven, the psychic empath in Stranger Things, but after giving it due consideration in my heart of hearts, I found that I am also that guy who peaked when he was voted "Best Hair" in high school.

17. When They Got In An Argument With Their Family Member

Any time that my parents are stressing me out, I just spend a good 30 minutes looking at parakeet memes and I'm healed.

18. When They Are Depressed Because America Is A Capitalist Wasteland

Make America Gay Again, please.

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