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12 Pics To Take In Your Holiday Loungewear When You're Rockin' Around The House

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When the holidays come around, your dance parties always get a festive upgrade. Instead of singing into a hairbrush in your mirror, you might grab a wooden spoon while baking gingerbread cookies and wearing holiday pajamas, and belt out the chorus to Taylor Swift's "Christmas Tree Farm." In those moments, you should grab your phone and let the good vibes roll into some of these holiday loungewear picture ideas.

In the past, your family may have posed in matching pajamas in front of your tree for a holiday card. That tradition may have stretched well into high school and college, where you decided to tweak it a bit. Instead of casually sitting with your decorated tree and waiting for the self-timer to go off, you might try to capture more candid moments of your fam making hot cocoa, wrapping presents, or dressing up your pup. Or, you may bring your creativity into new spaces, where you toss gooey marshmallows into snowman-shaped mugs with your housemates.

This season, you have complete creative control. Run with these festive loungewear pic ideas that require some fun props. Show your followers how you're rockin' around the house and taking a beloved tradition into your own hands.

The "Holiday Jammin' In Jammies" Picture
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You never let the festive season go by without listening to classic jams like Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." But, you might not have documented yourself belting out the lyrics — until now.

For this picture, you can either grab your housemates or do it solo. Everyone should put on their favorite set of holiday PJs and get cozy with a bunch of festive throw pillows and sherpa blankets. You can all throw up your arms or hold makeshift "microphones" in your hands. Be sure to pick out a lyric to use in your caption after the self-timer snaps away.

The "All Tangled Up In Twinkly Lights" Picture

Strands of lights are always a quality prop to use in pictures for Instagram, because they naturally create a cozy and artsy vibe. When combined with a set of holiday pajamas, they're basically unstoppable.

Capture the "Tangled Up in Twinkly Lights" photo by plugging in a strand of white or colored lights, and sitting on a fluffy carpet in your home. Drape the lights on your shoulders, legs, and arms, or hold a bunch in your hands and look down at them as the camera goes off.

The "Getting Cozy By The Fire" Picture

Is there anything cozier than wearing pajamas and sitting by a fire on a winter's night? Probably not, and for this picture idea, you'll want to set that romantic and beautiful scene. To do so, angle your camera at your fireplace, and lay some garland out on the floor. As the camera snap pics, pose with a cup of tea, a romantic holiday book, or your cat in your lap. Wear not only a set of holiday pajamas, but also a knit hat with a pom pom and a pair of snuggly slippers.

The "Decking The Halls" Picture

As soon as the calendar switches to December, you likely go into full-on decorating mode. This year, take some pictures in your pajamas while you hang wreaths, place reindeer figurines, or lay out your favorite ornaments. Add a warm edit to any pic you want to post to bring out the yellows in your lights and the stunning reds in your ribbons. Write about your favorite holiday traditions in your caption.

The "Let's Snuggle In Bed Today" Picture
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'Tis the season to snuggle in bed and take pictures, right? For this picture, you'll need to recruit a roommate or partner who you live with, who doesn't mind dressing up in holiday pajamas. Then, angle your camera onto a mattress which you lay out on the floor. There can be lights, wrapped presents, and even cookies surrounding the mattress. The more festive props, the merrier.

The "Sprinkle Some Sugar On Me" Picture

Baking cookies is a tasty tradition many people enjoy throughout the holiday season. If you're spending a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen, whipping up snickerdoodle cookies and gingerbread men, make sure you pose with the finished products in your comfy pajamas.

Hold up the pan that's been filled with dough balls, smile wide while using a tube of frosting, or toss some sugar in the air as if you're posing for a cookbook cover. Holiday-themed oven mitts aren't required, but could be a cute prop as well.

The "Dancing Under The Mistletoe" Picture

Rockin' around the house is better with a buddy or the love of your life. The "Dancing Under the Mistletoe" pic allows you to capture a candid moment where you and your person dance to music under a door frame dressed up with mistletoe. In the pic, you may be twirling each other, or simply laughing as you test out funky moves.

If you need more space, hang a piece of mistletoe from a tree in your backyard and take your adorable photoshoot into the winter air.

The "Two Pups In Pajamas" Picture

Getting your pups into the holiday spirit is #necessary. So, be sure to snag them some matching pajamas when you shop for your own. Then, pose with them in the kitchen where they always eye your treats, or your backyard where they can play in the snow. If you want your picture to have a holiday card feel, sit on your front steps with your pup or pups, and hold a chalkboard that says "Happy Holidays!" or "Let It Snow!"

The "Just Call Me An Elf" Picture
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In your friend group, it's known that you give the best gifts. It's time to show off the behind-the-scenes of your operation and wear holiday pajamas in your "workshop."

The perk of this pic is that you can actually get some gift wrapping done while taking it. All you have to do is set up your camera while you tie ribbons, cut paper, or write out tags. Make sure your tree is in the background, or your TV that's playing Netflix's Holidate.

The "Let's Build A Snowman" Picture

Don't sleep on the photoshoot possibilities that come with a snow day. You can absolutely dress up in pajamas and snap a few photos building a snowman in your backyard. Just make sure to add a few items to your overall #look, like mittens and cute boots.

Pose when you're adding the carrot nose, wrapping a scarf around his neck, or giving him a gentle high-five. You can also grab some selfies with your snowman, so you can post this picture idea as a full series on Instagram.

The "Cue The Romantic Comedies" Picture

Once the cookies have been baked and the pajamas have been put on, it's time to watch romantic comedies like The Holiday and The Perfect Holiday. Before you get into the iconic scenes of quaint towns decorated for the holidays, snap a pic of your feet in a pair of fuzzy socks with the title screen on your TV in the background. Hold a cup of hot cocoa and let the bottom of your pajamas make an appearance in the frame. Light a couple coffee and donut-scented candles to set the vibe, too.

The "It's All Marshmallows Over Here" Picture
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If you don't necessarily want your holiday pajamas to be the focus of your feed, then take the "It's All Marshmallows Over Here" picture. It requires holding mugs of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows with your roommates. You can have candy canes hanging off the side and whipped cream bottles in the background.

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