A happy woman in Christmas PJs sits on her kitchen counter and holds a festive mug of coffee.
7 Insta Pics To Take With Your Holiday Drinks That'll Bring On All The Cheer

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You know it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas when Starbucks and other major retailers unveil their new holiday cups. Once they hit the stores, it's universally known to start stringing up the twinkly lights, pressing play on some Michael Bublé, and snapping pics. After your fifth peppermint mocha, why not snap some of these Instagram pictures to take with your holiday drink that'll spruce up your 'gram?

These poses are a great way to treat your feed to a taste of the holiday season via tempting photos of your decked-out drink. The caramel drizzle on top? You can take these photo ops safely from the comfort of your home for the ultimate cozy look. Opt for a studious picture by pairing your hot cocoa with a turtleneck, or spread some smiles with a candid snap of you sipping and laughing into your gingerbread latte by the fireplace.

Whichever pose you chose, your followers will swoon over the elegant way you pulled off such a classic picture. The only thing missing to complete your post is something witty to say about your festive sip. Add a flirty Christmas caption to these holiday drink poses for the perfect recipe in capturing the festive spirit.

The "Candid-Cane" Photo
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Smiles instantly make Instagram feeds merry and bright. Pose with your favorite festive mug tucked into your hands and think of your favorite jokes that make you laugh out loud. Your roomie or a phone on self-timer can help you capture the ultimate photo of you in action.

To top off your post, caption it with an added dash of positivity with something like, "So thankful for the laughs this year. What is everyone else thankful for?"

The "Mysterious Stare" Picture

Find your favorite cozy turtleneck and a window to capture your best gaze. As you stare far off into the winter wonderland view from your room, keep your holiday cup between your hands and get a photo of your most mysterious look. This pose is great for taking solo by propping up your phone on self-timer.

The "Reading In The Holiday Spirit" Photo

Grab one of the many holiday romance books you've read this week, or a book for class, and pair it with your beverage of choice. If you wear glasses, this is the perfect look to sprinkle a bit more cute bookworm vibes into your post. Look down at your opened book and have a friend take a photo of you reading away.

You can remind your 'gram that you mean business by captioning your pic with something like, "A white mocha latte a day keeps the study blues away."

The "In High Spirits" Picture

If hot drinks are not your jam, pick up your favorite champagne class to show off your boozy eggnog. But, your drink won't be the only thing in Christmas mode. Don your best glitz and glam dress to host a mini festive party in your room. Have a roomie stand a few feet away as you twirl and shimmy to Taylor Swift's holiday album. Hold your drink up high in celebration, so your BFF can capture you and your drink in high spirits.

The "Toast To The Holidays" Photo
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You'll definitely need multiple hands to pull off this photo. Gather up your housemates, their favorite holiday coffee drinks, and prop another phone far enough away to capture everyone's hands. Together, salute your drinks to the season right when the timer goes off.

Alternatively, you can capture just you and your drink by having your SO sit across from you at a table and clink their cup against yours with one hand. Then, snap a photo that captures your clinking glasses and joyful smile.

The "You're Snow In Love" Picture

You and your special someone can cheers to the holidays and your love by grabbing two holiday drinks and a self-timer camera. Sit next to each other and lift your cups to the other's mouth to feed them your drink à la wedding ceremony style.

If you're newlyweds or recently engaged, you can continue the wedding vibes by captioning it with, "I vow to agree to disagree about peppermint mocha lattes."

The "Sharing Is Caring" Picture

Lastly, if you have two drinks and a roomie who's on board to help out, have them hold the camera while you carry your holiday cups. Offer them the drink in one hand as they snap a photo to make it look like you're giving one away to the camera. Your Insta will be sure to know that you've made it on the nice list with this gracious post.