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Snap These Insta Pics At The Christmas Tree Farm For The Merriest Holiday Feed

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Baby, it's pretty cold outside, but that won't stop you from taking your annual adventure to the Christmas tree farm. You can't wait to wander through the fields and pick out the perfect evergreen for your home that you can snuggle up next to when it snows. After all, it's that magical time of year to grab a mug of hot cocoa, wear a cute beanie, and snap the best Instagram pictures to take at the Christmas tree farm for the merriest holiday feed ever.

These ideas are as magical as the first snowfall of the year, or waking up as a kid in the middle of the night to see that Santa Claus had eaten the cookies you put out. When your followers are scrolling on their phone, they'll be in total awe of your creativity, or the way you angled your lens to get the perfect selfie in front of sparkling tree branches. They may even leave you a comment like, "So sweet," or "This looks like the music video for Taylor Swift's 'Christmas Tree Farm' song!" Let's be honest: Creating a scene as magical as a Taylor Swift music video is award-worthy.

It's also something you're totally capable of, especially with these ideas in your back pocket. But before you head out on your sweet adventure, it's crucial to keep in mind the current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) safety guidelines, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, whenever you leave your house for an activity. Christmas tree shopping is no exception. Note that anyone who you come into contact with outside of your own household presents a risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Before you head out, be sure to pack your face mask, hand sanitizer (with a minimum of 60% alcohol), and tissues. Check the website for your local tree farm's current health and safety guidelines. They'll likely require you to stay socially distanced (six feet apart) from other visitors while you're shopping and taking magical pics for Instagram.

The "Tucked Into The Trees" Picture
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Let's start with an adorable photo you can snap at the tree farm: the "Tucked into the Trees" picture. For this pic, you just need to stand amongst the firs and smile for the camera in your wintery outfit. You can hold up a cup of hot cocoa in your hand, or pretend to be checking out the very snowy branches. Making it look as candid as possible is key.

The "Nothing But Trees And Sunshine" Picture

As cute as you look roaming around the Christmas tree farm, be sure to take a picture or two of nothing but the trees and sunshine. Angle your camera up toward the sky for this idea, making sure you can see only the tops of the trees and the massive sky.

Caption your final product with something like, "How lucky we are to live in a world with Decembers," or an inspiring pun. Let this pic break up any selfies on your Insta feed for a beautiful moment of reflection.

The "Staying Snow-cial Distanced" Picture

This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you'll be following the required safety guidelines when visiting your local tree farm, like wearing a mask and staying at least six feet apart from others. Make the most of these guidelines by posing with your arms out and showing your followers that you're staying safe away from others, including the nearest tree. Bring a tape measure for an added prop.

You can caption this photo with a fun pun like, "Staying snow-cial distanced, how about you?" Also, add an encouraging and motivating hashtag such as #wearamask.

The "Cheers To The Season Of Reindeer" Picture

It's not only the season of picking out a Christmas tree. It's also the season of reindeer, lattes, and lots of holiday pics on your Insta feed. So, do yourself a favor and put on a reindeer hat for your tree farm adventure. Grab a latte or warm apple cider on the way, and then cheers your cup toward the camera along with your housemates when it takes the pic. Be sure you're wearing your hat and standing in front of a tree to make it look extra festive.

The "Most Magical Time Of The Year" Picture
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The most magical time of the year comes with lights, and lots of them. For this pic, pretend to string a strand of white lights onto a tree at the farm. Look as thought you're decking it out in the true spirit of the holiday season. Of course, if you want to take a picture like this to the next level, hold up a tree branch that's already fallen on the ground, and then edit a little "spark" on top of it using Photoshop at home.

The "All Wrapped Up In The Holidays" Picture

Do you get totally wrapped up in the holidays when they come around? If so, this picture will be for you and your feed. It requires putting a bow or beautiful ribbon on top of your head, and sitting next to a tree as if you're a present underneath it.

If you're picking out a tree with your housemates or a SO who you live with and have been quarantining with, then share a smooch or pretend you're exchanging a gift under the tree as well.

The "Twirling Amongst The Trees" Picture

For the "Twirling Amongst the Trees" picture, you will need to bring one of your roomies or a SO that you live with in front of the lens. Start dancing in front of the trees and time a twirl for right moment when the camera goes "click." To set the mood and tone for this picture, you could play some cheery music, like Taylor Swift's "Christmas Tree Farm."

Pro tip: Make sure you keep moving as the camera gets its shots, so the final product is both candid, cute, and very in the moment.

The "Once You've Found Your Tree, Carry It Proudly" Picture
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Last but not least, grab this pic while walking out of the Christmas tree farm with your find. If you can, toss the tree over your shoulder and take the picture of your side profile. If you can't, because you bought a six-foot beauty, then simply stand next to your tree and smile as big as you can. Show how much you love the holidays and the little adventure you went on to the Christmas tree farm this year.

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