These 12 'Schitt's Creek' Date Ideas Are As Easy As Folding In The Cheese

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While my ideal date night involves watching Schitt's Creek on the couch and eating mall pretzels, the show actually provides some great inspo for IRL dates as well. Whether you're into bad wine, public singing, fuzzy animals, or straight chilling, there are plenty of date ideas inspired by Schitt's Creek that you and your boo can easily recreate yourself. And the best part: You don't have to have pockets as deep as the Rose family (before they went broke, that is) in order to pull off these fun date night ideas.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, not all of these date ideas may be feasible at the moment, but there are ways to make them all work at home (except maybe for the ropes course one. I def wouldn't recommend trying to construct your own ropes course at home). From frolicking in the woods to folding in the cheese, these date ideas inspired by the Roses are sure to bring you and your boo closer than ever — and ensure that you're not on a collision course with "snoozetown." And of course, if you snap any pics from the date, make sure to post them with a Schitt's Creek Instagram caption.

Attend An Open Mic Night
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If you don't have your own apothecary in which to throw an open mic night, then you and your partner can attend a mic night at a local bookstore or coffee shop in your area. Find local events with the help of Eventbrite, and if you're feeling bold, then you can even bring along your guitar and surprise your boo with an acoustic version of Tina Turner's "Simply the Best."

Plan A Hotel Staycation
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Hotel stays shouldn't be limited to vacations. If you're in the mood for a little pampering, then book a hotel for the night for you and your SO, where you can enjoy room service, face masks, luxurious bathrobes, and maybe even a giant tub in the middle of the room. Pro tip: For extra VIP treatment, say you're on your honeymoon.

Have A Zoom Restaurant Dinner
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If you're in a long-distance relationship, then planning date night requires a little creativity. Make your next dinner together extra-special by taking your laptop to a local restaurant (or café) and dining out virtually. Will you get strange looks? Probably. But it will be worth it.

Go On A Picnic Hike
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Pack some cheese and wine and hit the trail with your partner for an adventurous day date. Just make sure neither one of you accidentally impales your foot with a stick.

Make Enchiladas
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It's always fun to get creative in the kitchen together, and enchiladas can make for a tasty dish — as long as you can figure out how to fold in the cheese.

Try A Ropes Course
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Even if one of you is afraid of heights, one of the best "adventure dates" you can go on is a day at a ropes course (and you can even make it a double date).

Sing Karaoke
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Show off your pipes by hitting up a karaoke bar with your babe and belting out some Mariah Carey. If your singing skills leave something to be desired, then you can always get a private room for two (or simply host karaoke night from the comfort of home).

Enjoy A Wine Tasting
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While I wouldn't recommend sampling the selections at Herb Ertlinger Winery, wine tastings are always a good time, whether you visit a local winery or have a virtual wine tasting at home.

Throw A High School-Themed Night
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Yes, you can absolutely have a theme party for two, and "high school sleepover" makes for one of the best themes. Dress down in jammies, break out the red Solo cups, and play some classic high school games like Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle.

Do Community Service
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When community service isn't court-mandated, it can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you do it with your boo. Check out VolunteerMatch to find projects in your area (and I'd probably leave your orange vests at home).

Stop By A Petting Zoo
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Who doesn't love cute little bunnies? You and your partner can visit a petting zoo in your area for the chance to pet some fuzzy critters. Just make sure you keep your clothes on if there are any webcams around.

Ride Bikes
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Note: This activity works best if you both already know how to ride a bike. And you should probs wearing helmets, even though they don't wear them on Sons of Anarchy.


If you don't think these date ideas are simply the best, then you're simply wrong.

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