David and Moira Rose drink wine in 'Schitt's Creek.'

18 'Schitt's Creek' Quotes About Wine To Pair With Your Tasting Pics


Just like your favorite glass of wine, Netflix’s Schitt's Creek is a show that's enjoyable to the very end. It's the kind of series you could watch over and over again, and you probably have. So, the next time you watch it from start to finish, celebrate the Schittiest way you can with a glass of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine. Snap a selfie with your glass for the 'gram, and post with one of these Schitt's Creek quotes about wine for your caption.

Many of the Schitt’s Creek characters experience a wine-derful moment or two throughout the series, so there are plenty of Schitt's Creek quotes about wine to choose from. Who could forget Moira's hilarious fail when she stars in Herb Ertlinger’s wine commercial, or the time she visits the winery with David for a tasting? Consider channeling these iconic wine moments and more to show your feed some wit. For example, plan a tasting of your own with your roomie, and be sure to take some selfies. When you’re ready to post, choose one of David’s lines, like, "I think we might need to sample the product first." Or, if you’re in a throwback mood, share a picture from a past winery trip, and caption it with Moira’s line, "In the lee of a picturesque ridge lies a small, unpretentious winery."

Even if the wine you’re sampling tastes Schitty, your pictures won’t be if you pair them with any of these Schitt's Creek quotes about wine. Get ready to sip, snap, and post away.


1. "So, just to be clear, I'm a red wine drinker." — Stevie

2. "Come taste the difference good fruit can make in your wine." — Moira

3. "I think we might need to sample the product first." — David

4. "I'm making a blend." — David

5. "In the lee of a picturesque ridge lies a small, unpretentious winery." — Moira

6. "All I have left is this cherry ice wine." — Herb Ertlinger

7. "Rich in potassium." — Moira

8. "I ordered the one with the highest alcohol content." — Roland

9. "We ran out of red." — Stevie


10. "I had my reservations about banana." — Moira

11. "Well, hello, who is she and how do we get a mouth full of her?" — Moira

12. "You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak Chardonnay." — Moira

13. "If you love fruit wine as much as I do..." — Moira

14. "We're two potent grapes." — Moira

15. "Together you've managed to make one perfect blend." — Moira

16. "I like the wine and not the label." — David

17. "Um, that's the strawberry peach." — David

18. "A lovely banana rosé." — Herb Ertlinger