25 'Schitt's Creek' IG Captions For Pics With The Patrick To Your David

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Coming up with a caption for pics of you and your boo isn't easy — especially if you're trying to prevent all your followers from saying, "Ew, David!" I'm all for exchanging lovey-dovey sentiments in privacy, but when it comes to your IG grid, it's best to go with something snappy over something sappy. There are plenty of great Schitt's Creek quotes for captioning couples' photos on Instagram, and they're sure to earn you a double tap from any Schitt's Creek fan (which is everyone, IMO). Whether you're in the mood for a caption that's as sweet as Ted or as sassy as David, I've got options perfect for every pic of you and your bébé.

Most Schitt's Creek one-liners will leave you LOL-ing, but plenty of quotes from the series get surprisingly sentimental. If your love for your partner is as big as the menu at Café Tropical, then these romantic Schitt's Creek-inspired IG captions belong on your grid.

1. "You know those days where you're just, like, super in love?" — Alexis

2. "I've spent most of my life not knowing what right was supposed to feel like, and then I met you." — Patrick

3. "I don't want to be anywhere you don't want to be." — David

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4. "I want you to know how grateful I am to have met you." — Alexis

5. "I even love those stupid rubber things you put on your fingers 'cause you think they flip the pages faster." — David

6. "It's rare to find someone this beautiful, and smart, and deeply selfish, yet charming." — Ted

7. "So this is weird. Today marks the longest relationship I’ve ever voluntarily had with someone. Yeah, the actual longest relationship was a three-month affair with a Saudi prince, but for the last two months of that I was trapped in his palace trying to get to an embassy." — Alexis

8. "You are my happy ending." — David

9. "Beep, beep! Paging Dr. Casanova J. Heartbreaker!" — Alexis

10. "I have to say, I think that you are the most beautiful girl this town's ever seen." — Ted

11. "He told me he doesn't want my help, so I'm just going to play the supportive partner and watch him fail." — David

12. "You're the sweetest man I've ever known. And that's it." — Alexis

13. "I've never liked a smile as much as I like yours." — David

14. "You're simply the best." — Patrick

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15. "My little Galapa-guy!" — Alexis

16. "I think you're my best friend." — David

17. "I think you already know that I would climb a thousand mountains for you." — Patrick

18. "These mountaineering shoes that my boyfriend is wearing, looking like Oprah on a Thanksgiving Day hike? Incorrect." — David

19. "I want you to know that you are the most important thing in this world to me. You know that, don't you? And I include Caroline in that, and I've had that wig for 40 years." — Moira

20. "I've never known love like I have when we're together." — David

21. "You're like a poem. Like, a really pretty poem… or like, a mermaid, or something." — Alexis

22. "Fortunately, you look like you have a clean mouth." — David

23. "Um, yes, love this journey for us." — Alexis

24. "Best case scenario, you realize how good you have it with me. Worst case scenario, you realize how good you have it with me." — David

25. "You're my Mariah Carey." — Patrick

Now go tell the Patrick to your David exactly how you feel!

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