'Bridgerton'-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts
12 'Bridgerton'-Inspired Mother's Day Gifts For The True Diamond Of The Season


Just like Lady Violet Bridgerton, your mom only wants the best for you and supports you in whatever decisions you make. That's precisely why you want to shower her with love on Mother's Day. One way to do that is by getting her a gift she'll adore. If you both marathoned the Netflix series together, she'll really appreciate some Bridgerton-inspired Mother's Day gifts on Etsy.

Etsy is a great place to turn to for one-of-a-kind gift ideas. It has specialty items for different fandoms and homemade crafts that are totally unique. Based on what your mom loved the most about Bridgerton, you're sure to find a Mother's Day gift just for her. So, if she was a big fan of the Regency era decor used in the show, you might want to get her a vintage-looking letter holder or wisteria bonsai tree.

There are also some items that make specific references to the show like a Lady Whistledown mug and candles that will "burn for you." Just browsing these 12 Bridgerton-inspired Mother's Day gifts on Etsy, you're sure to find something your mom will love just as much as Daphne loves Simon. The best part of all is that you can get whatever item you select sent straight to your mom's door, so there's no need to worry if you can't be together in person.

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A Bridgerton House Print

If your mom could use a few new decor pieces, get her this gorgeous Bridgerton family home art print. It features the wisteria-clad home that Daphne and all her siblings reside in. When purchasing this item, you can either get a digital file or an actual paper print that can be sent to your mom.

A 'Bridgerton' Gift Box

Perhaps you can't decide on just one Bridgerton-inspired gift to give your mom. If that's the case, you'll love this Bridgerton gift box. It has items like a lavender wisteria candle, Lady Whistledown scandal brewing tea, a keychain, and a spoon just like Simon's.

'Bridgerton' Spoons

A mom who loves to cook will appreciate a new set of Bridgerton wooden spoons. One is Simon's infamous spoon, and the other says, "I Burn For You." Hopefully, your mom won't be burning anything in the kitchen, though.

A Bumblebee Necklace

If you've read the Bridgerton book series, you would know that bumblebees play an important part in the story. You might have even spotted a few bumblebee Easter eggs throughout the first season. For a true fan of Bridgerton, you may want to get your mom this gorgeous bumblebee necklace. It's also a nice choice if you have a tradition of gifting your mom some new jewelry on Mother's Day.

A Regency Era Letter Holder

For all your mom's gossip papers, get her this vintage brass letter holder. It has Regency era vibes and will add a bit of sophistication to her WFH desk. You could even send her a Lady Whistledown letter that spills all the tea that's going on in your life.

An Embroidery Kit

Give the gift of a little DIY by sending your mom this embroidery kit. It was very common for ladies of the Regency era to work on a little cross stitch, so now your mom can, too. This is not only a fun gift, but it'll give her something to do while rewatching Season 1 of Bridgerton for the millionth time.

A Tea Party Set

Treat your mom to everything she needs for an afternoon tea, like this adorable bulk tea set. It comes with tea cups and saucers that have mild imperfections, but those just add to their vintage Regency era feel. Along with the tea cups, you can also send your mom her fave kind of loose leaf tea.

A Custom Queen Portrait

If you really believe your mom is a queen, get her a custom queen portrait. This hilarious gift will make your mom look just like Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton. There's also a few different royal backdrops to choose from, so get the one that most matches your mom's vibe.

Wisteria Tree Seeds

For a plant-loving mom, you could get her some bonsai wisteria tree seeds. That way, she can grow her very own wisteria tree at home. It'll be a fun project, and as soon as it blooms, her space will look like it belongs in the Bridgerton family home.

A 'Bridgerton' Scented Candle

This Bridgerton candle will burn for your mom — literally. This homemade soy wax candle is supposed to smell like gossip, lies, deceit, and scandal — aka bergamot, mahogany, and musk. This is a great gift if you want your mom to really treat herself to a nice night in.

A Lady Whistledown Mug

Your mom can start her day with a fresh cup of coffee and Lady Whistledown's Society Papers thanks to this mug. This is perfect for a coffee-loving mom, so be sure to send her some fresh coffee grounds or beans as well. Then, she can drink her fave brew while reading the news just like everyone in the Ton.

A Lady Whistledown Wine Glass

If your mom is more of a wine drinker, get her this Lady Whistledown wine glass. It has a super cute "Lady Whistledown and wine" pun on it. It'll inspire her to treat herself to a little wine night at home with her fave Netflix series.