A mother and daughter are having fun and laughing over a funny Mother's Day card on Etsy.
These Fun Mother's Day Cards Include Moments From 'Mean Girls' & 'Schitt's Creek'

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No one can make you LOL quite like your mom. Since Day 1, she's been your BFF who you marathon-watch all your fave shows with and pull along on every shopping spree. Every time you hang out with her, you end the day smiling until your cheeks hurt. What better way to celebrate the best person in your life than with funny Mother's Day cards on Etsy that'll bring on mom-umental laughs?

These aren't your average Hallmark cards. They throw it back to all those secret giggles you share together. For instance, a Mother's Day card featuring your mom's #mcm, the Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton, will be an ode to all your late nights spent gushing over the Netflix series. A Schitt's Creek-inspired card will let your mom know she's the Schitt while treating her to a good chuckle. Or, if you have a sibling you love to tease, there's a hilarious card that lets everyone know the secret's out: You're the favorite child.

The Lorelai to your Rory Gilmore will be touched and tickled over your punny Mother's Day card. Your thoughtful message will let any mom, aunt, or parental figure in your life know you love them just as much as you love their humor.

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This Mother's Day Card Is For Queens Only

Not only will this funny Mother's Day card put a smile on your true bestie's face, but it might also get this song lyric stuck in her head. The card's witty use of the iconic Queen line from "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Mamaa ooh ooh ooooh," is such a perfect play on words that your mom will have a hard time keeping a straight face.

This Card Could Result In Major Fangirling

Your mom swoons for Simon every time he graces the screen, and even though you're right there with her, you can't help but tease her for it. To gift her another Bridgerton-induced blush, send her this card inspired by the show and don't forget to capture her reaction.

This Mother's Day Card Is Punny AF

You can never go wrong with a good pun. That's why this punny card will probably never get old. It'll let your mama jama know she's the baddest mom of them all — but in the funniest way possible.

This Mother's Day Card Is Inspired By 'Mean Girls'

If you and your mom are always down for a Mean Girls rewatch, then this card is perfect for you. The card plays on the iconic line from Mrs. George, "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." You can use this card to toast to how chic your own mom is. And since your mom is definitely not a regular mom, she totally fits the bill.

This Card Features A Sweet Message

Simple, sweet, and silly. That's what this Mother's Day card using a bee pun is all about. When you gift your mom this special card, it'll touch her to know that you appreciate all she's done to help you bee-come who you are today.

This Retro Card Shows You're The Better Sibling

As the favorite kid, sometimes you have to remind your family who's the better sibling. This vintage-looking Mother's Day card will do just the trick. It also comes with the option to choose between a lilac or white envelope, and being the star child you are, you always pay attention to details.

This Card Recognizes Mom's Special Powers

The older you get, the more you realize how magical some of Mom's tricks are. If you ever wonder, for instance, how she manages to fold a fitted sheet so neatly, then this card is right up your alley. Who knows, once you gift this to her, it may even prompt her to divulge a trick or two.

This Cool Card Is Almost As Good As Grandchildren

If your mom often jokes about wanting be a grandparent, she'll find this card about not having any hilarious. While your mom may not agree that a "cool card" is almost the same as grandchildren, she may frame the card on her fridge to keep the LOLs going.

This Mother's Day Card Includes A Flower Pun

Even if your mom doesn't have a green thumb, she'll get a kick out of this flower pun greeting card. When she sees this card's cute little orchid and line, "I'm proud to be y'orchid," she'll be moved to read your sweet, personalized message on the flip side.

This Greeting Card Is Full Of Schitts And Giggles

You and your mom often chuckle over the hilarious family in Schitt's Creek, so it makes perfect sense to gift your mom a card that's related to your fave sitcom. Your own Moira is full of her own funny lines and hilarious quips, totally fitting this greeting card inspired by the show. Sending her this on Mother's Day will fill her up with a little bit of love and a whole lot of laughs.

This Card Is Perfect For If You Have Siblings

You may not a perfect child, but you are the best one — at least when compared to any of your siblings. It doesn't hurt to remind Mom of that every now and then, either. To let her know you're the best of the bunch and to apologize on behalf of your not-as-great brothers and sisters, gift her this card that's sure to make her chortle.

This Card Basically Says, "Mommy, Come Back!"

If you've recently moved out and into a place of your own or into a dorm, you know the struggle of living on your own is real. This greeting card captures the #adulting pains your mom will get a joy from. It'll make her laugh while blessing her with a nice reminder that she's still needed in her little one's life.