10 Adorable Mother's Day Gifts On Etsy That Are Truly Fit For A Queen

The second Sunday of May is almost here, and you know what that means: Mother’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, your aunt, a maternal figure in your life, or anybody else who deserves extra love, this day is a chance to show that person just how much you appreciate them. If you’re looking to pamper your mom/mother figure, these Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy are fit for a queen.

For some reason, Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on me, despite it being the same day every year. And because moms work tirelessly every day of their lives, it’s nice to do a little more than just call or send a card — although, knowing my mom, including a card with your gift will score you some bonus points. But if you were caught off guard like me, there’s still time to get your mom something sweet. Because this is someone so important to you, it can be hard to figure out what to get your maternal figure.

Fortunately, Etsy has pretty much everything you could ever think of, all coming from small businesses. Whether your mom likes nothing more than skincare or a clever t-shirt, there’s something for her. Before you give up and start searching for the same old gift card, check out these sweet Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy.

If you just want your mom to kick back and relax, Zaaina’s Self Care Spa Box ($25, Etsy) has all the tools for a pamper session. This set includes a bath bomb or natural soap, as well as a candle. All the products are made from organic, essential oils so your mom can finish her spa day feeling totally fresh and rejuvenated.

Is your mom different from other moms? Does she like ‘00s teen movies? Is she, dare I say, cool? Then, she may be in need of MazeCustom’s I’m A Cool Mom Sweatshirt ($21, Etsy). MazeCustom is rated five stars, so you can trust that your recipient will be getting a nice, quality sweatshirt.

If your mother figure is an accessory kind of person, she may be on a constant hunt for new purses. For those whose aesthetic is on the quirkier side, DSignbyDi’s Orange, Wooden Bead Bag ($50, Etsy) is a summer bag they will use forever. This vintage, wooden purse will never go out of style, so it’s perfect for the moms who are simply timeless.

Pretty much everyone likes to relax in the bath with a glass of wine after a long day. QuenchSoap’s Raspberry Vanilla Self-Care Gift Set ($26, Etsy) is an aromatic relaxation box that will take anyone’s chill time to the next level. This set is also vegan for all those conscientious mothers out there and includes soap, body scrub, and a bath bomb.

If your mother figure always manages to brighten your mood, they’re probably deserving of RoyalBabesCo Mama Sunflower Shirt ($22, Etsy). This shirt easily fits into any wardrobe and is comfy for the mom-on-the-go. Besides, who doesn’t love sunflowers? To show that this person brightens your life, this sunflower shirt exudes warmth.

StresscaseShop’s Goddess of Self Love Mothers Day Self Care Kit ($43, Etsy) relieves stress from head to toe. This set includes a rose quartz bracelet, shower fizz, bath bomb, essential oils, a rose quartz crystal, a velvet clay mask, face mist, and foot cream — talk about the full treatment. It’s ready to ship in three days, so you can give your momher stay-at-home spa day ASAP.

If you know someone with small kids, they’re probably pretty tired. And if they’re tired, it’s anybody’s guess who caused it. So, if you want to give a mother of young kids something to laugh about and show her kids a little love, too, AlphabetBags Exhausted T-Shirt Set ($45, Etsy) gets everyone involved.

Not everyone likes baths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t de-stress in the shower. To relax without taking a full bath, ShopLeebrick’s Happy Mothers Day Gift Set ($40, Etsy) has everything needed for a self-care day. The set includes an oatmeal and honey shea butter soap bar, a coffee-scented luffa soap, shower steamer, and a Sleepy Time body and hand scrub. This combination of scents is perfect for waking up in the morning and calming down at night.

An overly protective mother can be both a blessing and a curse. If your maternal figure can be on the stricter side, but fiercely loving all the same, you may find this MountainMoverz Mama Bear Women’s Sweatshirt ($39, Etsy) fitting. It’s great for nature lovers, as well as moms who just love a good bear hug.

For a personalized touch, SEmbroideredBoutique Monogrammed Nylon Small Size Tote ($24, Etsy) is an adorable purse. The classic tote style makes it easy for anyone to pack it up and be on their way. This purse will quickly become a daily staple for your recipient, as long as you get the monogram right.