10 Relatable Things Every Social Media Digger Knows To Be So True

Are you a social media digger? This is the girl who always has the latest intel from Instagram, and keeps up with every tweet in her feed. She never skips a beat when it comes to the internet, and has every single one of the trendiest apps downloaded to her phone. You and your friends go to her all the time when you need the details on your latest crush or the girl next door. Let's be honest: if this all sounds super familiar to you, there are some things every social media digger knows to be true.

Somebody should seriously hire you and your bestie to do investigative work. There's not a picture or piece of information you can't find when you put your heart and mind to it. You'll go to all lengths just to get the 4-1-1 on the latest tourist spots, or the places in town that are total must-sees. All it takes is a little determination, and at least one social media account to know everything and anything.

Honestly, you blame all of those episodes of Law & Order: SVU that you watched with your roommates for your social media digging skills. That show made you want to think on your toes and solve mysteries left and right. Now, your life isn't that dramatic by any means. But, it's still fun to see what you can find. These 10 things are all too true, and weren't too difficult to uncover.

Your Friends Come To You When They Need The Details

You're a pro when it comes to digging on social media and finding out all the good stuff. So, your friends tend to come to you for your skills. (Not to mention, you're pretty good at coming up with cute Instagram captions, too.)

You work your magic when your friend is dating someone new or needs to know the location of that trendy Italian restaurant in the city. You somehow always find information that nobody else could, and in record time. To be honest, what would your friends do without you?

You Know The Most Random Features In Social Media Apps

Over the years, you've learned all about the features in various social media apps. You figured out how to narrow down your search results, and tricks like going through tagged photos. You even discovered some hotspots and what's happening around the world by clicking on the stories in your explore page. Thanks to these tips and tricks, your process has become much more efficient. You can find exactly what you're looking for — and fast.

You Sometimes Think You Should Work For The FBI

Somebody call the FBI, because they could really use you and your social media skills. You've gotten really good at uncovering the latest gossip and putting the pieces together in your head. One of your friends will give you the most basic information about a crush, and you find an entire world right at your fingertips. Girls truly have the ability to find out anything and everything, huh?

You Also Sometimes Find Something You Wish You Hadn't Seen

Amongst all of your digging, you sometimes find something you wish you hadn't seen. In that moment, you close out of all your apps, and swear you're never going to look at it again. Minutes later, you break that promise to yourself, and are back to scrolling through social media. You found out that cute guy in your class actually has a girlfriend, or that your best friends hung out without you last weekend. There's no going back once you know what you know. Instant regret is very real.

Your Camera Roll Is Full Of Screenshots

Part of being a social media digger is sharing what you find with your besties. When you uncover something particularly shocking or even super funny, you send it in the group chat. Your friends always react with endless emojis, and head into the depths of the Internet, too. At the end of the day, you open up your camera roll and see that it's filled with screenshots of photos and tweets that aren't your own. Delete, delete, delete.

You Know Things Before Anybody Else Does

To some people, you may be a fortune teller or even a trend forecaster at this point. You just always seem to be a few steps ahead of whatever's going down.

On a casual Saturday night, you hang out with your friends and catch up on the latest gossip. They think they're bringing new and exciting stories to the table, but you already knew all of this, thanks to your social media digging. Tell me something I don't know, OK?

You Willingly Spend Hours On Your Phone

When it comes to digging on social media, you have all the patience in the world. You willingly spend hours staring at the screen, just to get the scoop. Time passes by, and you find yourself going through different accounts and scoping through the depths of the internet. You scroll back to photos that were posted in middle school, and get nostalgic AF.

You're Always The First To Respond To The Group Chat

Digging on social media means you're always on your phone. These things take time, and the group message distracts you from getting your "work" done.

You send your screenshots and are always the first to reply with reactions. At this point, you're basically having a conversation with yourself, but you know everybody will catch up when they have the time. (After all, this chat is how you all stay in touch!) You just like to always be in the know, and truly never skip a beat.

You Fear The Day You Accidentally Like Something From Years Ago

*Cue the cringing.* The day you accidentally like a photo from years ago will be the actual worst. In that moment, your identity as a social media digger will be revealed to the rest of the world. You must turn in your cape. You'll probably stare at your screen in shock, and attempt to take back your actions as soon as possible. What's done is done, though. You'll be wondering how your thumbs could betray you like that.

You Want To Quit, But You Just Can't

Social media digging is like opening a bag of chips. You could have just one, but soon enough, you're reaching your hand farther and farther. You've told yourself so many times that you won't go through those photos of your bestie's crush. But, when you're bored and have nothing else to do, you're back at it again. One day, you may actually put your phone down. For now, though, you'll keep calm and carry on with your digging ways.