A happy woman lounges out in her garden backyard.
10 Disney-Inspired Backyard Ideas You'd Wish Upon A Star For

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Your backyard has so much potential to become the space you've always dreamed of. Since you've been spending a lot of your free time there lately, you might as well give it the makeover it deserves — and these Disney-inspired backyard ideas just might be the inspo you've been looking for.

When you're not lounging on your back porch and swimming in the pool like you're Ariel, you're rewatching your favorite movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Alice in Wonderland on Disney+. Little did you know, watching these classic films is like scrolling through a Pinterest board with a ton of home decor ideas. Take a cue from Peter Pan and string up a bunch of starry lights in your backyard, so you can always look for "the second star to the right." Channel Jasmine and treat yourself to a gorgeous outdoor carpet that can take your space to "a whole new world." Turn your garden into your very own wonderland that you can get lost in like Alice.

Go through your favorite Disney movies or take a look at these 10 Disney-inspired backyard ideas and be inspired by what you see. Before you know it, you'll have a backyard that you once wished upon a star for.

These Starry String Lights

These starry string lights are perfect for anyone who's looking to make some wishes. When the sun goes down, you can turn your star lights on to give your backyard a dreamy Never Land-type glow.

This Magical Mickey Mouse Rug

An outdoor rug can instantly add a fun pop of color to your backyard, and this Mickey Mouse rug is perfect for Disney fans. The pattern on the rug features iconic Mickeys all over, but in a subtle fashion.

This Personalized Signpost

This multiple direction signpost is very Alice in Wonderland-esque. It's whimsical, colorful, and will look super fun in your backyard Instas. The best part is that you can get it personalized, so it's unique to you.

These Tropical Outdoor Chairs

Your backyard space needs some funky chairs for curling up in while you dive into your summer reading list or enjoy a homemade Disney Parks' cocktail. These tropical club chairs have a real Adventureland and Enchanted Tiki Room vibe to them. That makes them perfect for sitting in while you enjoy some tasty Dole Whip.

This Dreamy Flower Box

Give your backyard a castle vibe with a beautiful flower box like this one. As your plants begin to grow, you'll not only have gorgeous decor, but a cute backdrop for your fairytale selfies in the backyard.

These Romantic Jar Lights

Be inspired by the lantern scene from Tangled, and hang up a few lights like these jars from Etsy. Hang them from the trees in your backyard or along your fence. The coolest part about these lanterns is that they're powered by solar panels, so they're environmentally-friendly and dreamy.

This Set Of Cottagecore-esque Coasters

The cottagecore aesthetic is great for channeling your inner Snow White or Aurora. Imagine relaxing in your very own cottage garden while sipping lavender lemonade from a mason jar. Use these reclaimed aspen coasters to set your drink down when you want to turn the page of your fave romance novel.

This Hanging Canopy Tent

On sunny days, cooling off in the shade is key. Get yourself this dreamy hanging tent. You can use it for when you want to relax after swimming in the pool or to take a nap outside when the weather's just right. You can even use this canopy tent for an outdoor date with your SO. Set up a cozy area to relax in while streaming your favorite Disney film on your laptop.

This Wooden Bird Feeder

Even though you might not be able to talk to the woodland creatures like a Disney princess, you can still invite them to your backyard with a proper bird feeder. This wooden feeder from Etsy is super cute. And before you know it, you'll start to hear more birds chirping and singing in your backyard.

This Backyard Barrel Fountain

While you might not have the space to put a wishing well in your backyard, you might be able to make room for this adorable wooden barrel fountain. Not only is it cute decor, but the running water will add a calming ambience to your backyard oasis.