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These Disney-Themed Balcony Garden Ideas Will Make You Want To Break Out In Song

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At the beginning of quarantine, you may have made the decision to boot up Disney+ and watch every animated film ever released. You knew from the start it was a hefty task, but you had time to kill while staying safe at home and didn't mind spending your afternoons with Mulan, Cinderella, Moana, and Tiana. Now, you want to make your home feel like one of the magical castles on your TV screen. Look no further than Disney-themed balcony garden ideas that will turn your space into "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Simply put, these balcony garden ideas will make you feel like royalty. You'll wake up in the morning, pour yourself a cup of iced coffee, and step out into the sunshine. You'll be surrounded by adorable succulents and twinkly lights that complement each beam, and probably want to break out in song. Of course that might bug your neighbors, so instead, you'll want to pull out your camera and capture the essence of your space for social media.

If you already post a lot about Disney, then your followers may slide into your comments and say, "Wow, this looks exactly like the balcony in The Princess and the Frog," or, "Of course you decked out your balcony to be a replica of Rapunzel's in Tangled" in reaction to your pic. Here's exactly what you need to make the magic happen, and turn your balcony into a Disney-themed space.

A Cozy Bench

You need this wooden bench that could have easily made an appearance in your fave Disney movies. In every balcony scene, it seems the main character is sitting on a rustic-looking bench and contemplating their love story and life. This bench will help you recreate those scenes happily at home.

A Pack Of Twinkly Lights

Setting the mood for your balcony hangouts is a #must, and what screams ambiance more than twinkly lights? These lights will look like little fireflies when wrapped around your balcony's beams, and they pair nicely with plants and other decor. If you take a picture of them at night, they're sure to brighten up your feed.

A Moon Lamp

Most balcony scenes in Disney movies happen at night when the moon is in its fullest state. The prince or princess is singing to the stars, belting out lyrics that you now know by heart. All in all, this trendy moon lamp will ensure your balcony is ready for the sweetest melodies.

A Cork Planter

Cute planters will spice up any balcony, but especially those with a Disney theme. They'll set the tone of the space, much like twinkly lights and moon lamps, and show that you put extra effort into your outdoor decor. These cork planters have a shimmer of gold that'll shine during the day or the night.

A Leafy Strand Of Ivy

Any Disney princess whose home is located in lush woods has a balcony with ivy on it. So, it's necessary that you purchase a strand of ivy to complete your Disney balcony #look. Wrap it up with the twinkly lights to get a full, dreamy effect. Show off your setup to your friends who also enjoy watching the films.

A Set Of Marble Coasters

If you're planning on sipping glasses of wine while sitting out on your balcony, these beautiful marble coasters will make your experience feel so elevated. Not to mention, they'll reference the marble pillars of a Disney balcony.

A Rustic Tray

This rustic tray will give you and your balcony guests major Snow White and Sleeping Beauty vibes. With its door handle details, it's the perfect place to serve drinks or display plants, and will make you feel like your Prince Charming is going to spontaneously show up out of the woods. It's a modern twist on the stories you love.

A Set Of Bright Curtains

Brightly-colored curtains are the way to go when decorating a balcony to look like those in a Disney movie. Especially if you want to recreate the scenes from Aladdin, these curtains are bold and will match the purple and gold color scheme of the magical palace. Don't sleep on them or be surprised when they turn into a magic carpet, OK?

A Decorative Rug

When you look down at the floor of your balcony, what do you see? Hopefully, after decorating your space, it'll be this pretty, decorative outdoor rug. It's unique and will definitely be worth bringing up in conversation. Plus, it will match the garden-like details of the rest of your balcony.

A Teapot

Last but not least, finish off your Disney-themed balcony with this clear teapot. Serve your guests green tea while you all chat about your relationships and crushes. Some balcony hangouts are meant to be filler scenes instead of singing scenes, and this pot will help recreate that magic, too.

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