Happy friends hold up their Mickey Mouse pretzels at Disneyland.
These Disney Parks' Snacks Will Make Working From Home So Much Tastier

There's no denying that Disney's iconic snacks deserve all the hype they receive. It's a magical experience enjoying a refreshing cup of Dole Whip and satisfying your sweet tooth with a churro. That's why you're looking for ways to enjoy that tasty magic at home. No need to search any further for how to make Disney Parks' snacks at home, because we've rounded up a bunch of YouTube recipes that will make your dreams come true in your kitchen.

If you could live in the Magic Kingdom, you totally would. Each day would be spent eating corndogs and Mickey-shaped macarons. But until Cinderella's Castle calls you up with a vacant room, you can always follow any of these 10 Disney Parks' recipes in your kitchen and it'll be like you're there. In between virtual meetings and answering emails, enjoy a sweet Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies Treat or set a bowl of Star Wars popcorn next to your laptop to snack on when you're working.

With every bite, you'll be transported to "The Happiest Place on Earth" — no suitcase-packing required. All you need are the right ingredients and a recipe to get you going on your foodie journey, and you're set for a workday treat.

Mickey Mouse Pretzels

The pretzels at Disney are a great snack to enjoy while you're walking from ride to ride or waiting in line. You can get yourself a cinnamon pretzel or jalapeño cheese one, but nothing really beats the traditional Mickey-shaped salted pretzel. This video shows you how to get that adorable Mickey face in your pretzel, so have your camera ready for the cutest foodie snaps.

Churro Bites

Looking for a bite-sized snack? Consider your wish granted with these churro bites. Not only are these adorable, snack-able versions of the iconic churros you'd find at the parks, but this is also the official Disney Parks' recipe. Let's just say, your tastebuds will not be disappointed.

Galaxy's Edge Popcorn

Getting a cool popcorn bucket at Disney is #necessary. At home, you'll want to test out this Outpost Mix popcorn recipe to get a taste of the parks. Inspired by the sweet and spicy blend that's served at Kat Saka's Kettle in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, this is a fun and tasty snack to keep by your laptop while you work.

Dole Whip

You can't talk about Disney Parks' snacks and not mention Dole Whip. This refreshing pineapple treat is an all-time favorite, and now you can enjoy it at home. Treat yourself to this Dole Whip recipe after checking off everything your to-do list for the day, and be sure to put it in a fun bowl for an IG Story pic.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich

On a hot day, the best way to cool off is with Mickey-shaped ice cream. Deciding between the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar and the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich is always a difficult choice. But with recipes for both, you no longer have to stress, because you can have a sandwich one day and a bar the next.

Mickey Mouse Beignets

You can find Mickey Mouse beignets at Disneyland in New Orleans Square. Now that you have the recipe, though, you can also find them in your kitchen whenever you're in the mood for a sweet treat. Pair a batch of beignets with a cool Mint Julep so you really feel like you're at the park.

Fried Pickles

Another popular snack at the parks is the giant pickles you can find at different snack stands. A simple pickle is an easy snack to grab from the kitchen, but if you want to take it to the next level, try this fried pickle recipe. It's inspired by the delicious fried pickles you can order at the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland.

Mickey Macarons

The Mickey Macarons from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe are delicious and totally Instagram-worthy. Thanks to this recipe from Disney Eats, you can make your very own colorful Mickey macarons at home. When you're done putting everything together, you'll want to snap a few pics to show off your adorable and vibrant snacks.


Calling all Disneyland corndog stans: You need this copycat corndog recipe in your life. You can use the mix to make corndog nuggets as well, if you prefer bite-sized pieces to snack on.

Mickey-Shaped Rice Krispies Treats

Disney foodies love to stop by the bakery on Main Street to check out which treats are currently available. One of the most popular finds is the Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats. They're not only delicious, but totally cute. Now you can make some Rice Krispies Treats whenever your heart desires, and decorate them with your favorite candy like M&Ms or peanut butter chips.