10 Epic Moments ARMYs May Have Missed In BTS' 'Tonight Show' Special

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Monday, Feb. 24 will go down in Tonight Show history because, for the first time ever, Jimmy Fallon hosted his show in the New York City subway. The one-hour special focused on BTS, as the group recently made their comeback with their album Map of the Soul: 7. The BTS ARMY will never stop talking about the event, and for good reason. Having a one-hour special dedicated to the group is every fans' dream. To relive the fun, here are the 10 best moments from BTS' Tonight Show special.

Fallon definitely wasn't kidding when he said the episode would be "unlike any other Tonight Show we've done before." Apart from Fallon and BTS having an extended interview while riding the NYC subway, they also played a variety of games, dined at one of the city's most famous restaurants Katz’s Delicatessen, and ended the night with a historic performance at Grand Central Terminal. There were so many iconic moments during the episode, but here are the 10 best ones.

1. J-Hope recreating the Home Alone movie cover.

Since the episode highlighted the best of what NYC has to offer, the guys recalled some of their earliest memories of the city. They said their first impression of New York came from Home Alone 2, and immediately after mentioning the movie, J-Hope couldn't help but recreate the iconic Home Alone movie cover.

2. V's sax solo.

After V revealed he would have become a saxophonist if he wasn't in BTS, Fallon asked his crew if they had a saxophone ready to go so V could show off his skills. Unfortunately, they didn't have one on set, but that didn't stop Fallon and BTS from pretending to play the saxophone to the tune of George Michael's "Careless Whisper."

3. Jungkook's English.

As fans know, Jungkook has been learning English to help RM translate in interviews. It's clear Jungkook's English has greatly improved, as seen in the clip below.

4. Fallon and Jungkook sharing a cute hug.

After Jungkook revealed he cried after BTS' debut showcase in 2013, Fallon gave him a hug to comfort him and the moment was so sweet.

5. The Black Bean Noodle Incident

Finally, the Tonight Show episode uncovered one of the BTS fandom's greatest mysteries: the black bean noodle incident. As it turns out, it was just RM sneaking off to eat noodles alone while the rest of BTS waited for him to get back.

6. Slytherin Jimin cheating.

Let's face it: The Subway Olympics bit was basically a scene out the group's variety show Run BTS! It had competition, betrayal, and, of course, Jungkook being named the winner — all thanks to Jimin cheating.

7. V winning against RM.

The duck game BTS played was so hilarious, especially because the members who tried the hardest to win ultimately lost in the end. When it was V against RM, the BTS leader was casually vibing to George Michael's "Careless Whisper," when V flicked the duck off RM's arm, no sweat.

8. BTS being surprised at the food portions.

BTS' dinner at Katz’s Delicatessen was an eye-opening experience for the group, as they realized just how huge NYC food portions are. "Is it for one man?" RM asked. "Yeah, that's yours," the owner replied.

9. The dancers hyping BTS.

One of the best moments of the night was BTS' epic first TV performance of "ON." The group recreated their "ON" music video at Grand Central Terminal, and even brought along all the same backup dancers, who hyped BTS during their dance break. Hearing their shouts just made fans more excited to hear the song live on BTS' Map of the Soul world tour.

10. BTS being worn out at the end of their performance.

While Fallon said his goodbyes to the viewers watching at home, BTS collapsed behind him, clearly out of breath from their epic performance. The moment only made ARMYs appreciate BTS' hard work and preparation even more.

All in all, the Tonight Show episode was an event to remember. Next up for BTS is their Carpool Karaoke special, which will air on the Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, Feb. 25.