BTS appear in an episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

Corden Dropped A Sneak Peek Of BTS' Carpool Karaoke That'll Crack You Up

YouTube/The Late Late Show

Buckle in and get ready for a wild ride, ARMYs. James Corden just posted a first-look at his Carpool Karaoke segment with BTS, and it was so, so epic from start to finish. Between Corden cracking jokes, and the band whipping out their best dance moves, this sneak peak of BTS' Carpool Karaoke episode will have ARMYs laughing out loud.

News of BTS' forthcoming Carpool Karaoke episode first hit the internet on Feb. 17, when The Late Late Show Instagrammed a picture of Corden with all seven members of BTS sitting in a car. Since then, ARMYs have been waiting on the edge of their seat to hear the boys belt out their best hits alongside Corden. The internet might break when the full video drops on Feb. 25, but, for now, the teaser was enough to hold fans over.

In the sneak peak, BTS appears to be having an absolute ball with Corden. BTS appeared to be just as excited about the Carpool Karaoke episode as the rest of us. "Let's go!" Jimin enthusiastically yelled at the beginning of the clip, and the party didn't stop from there.

As the guys belted out "On" from Map of the Soul: 7, Corden not only knew every lyric, but proved himself to be the ultimate fan. He even turned around and called Jimin "Mochi" at one point. ARMYs on Twitter couldn't get over the fact that Corden knew Jimin's fandom-given nickname (and neither could Jimin based on his reaction)..

You can watch the epic first-look teaser clip below.

According to Corden, he received over one million tweets asking for the BTS Carpool Karaoke episode, so he probably wasn't surprised to see the sheer excitement over the teaser. ARMYs could not get enough of the clip.


"AHHH they look like they had so much fun also James calling Jimin mochi was so cute CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH," another person wrote.

The cutest part of all was when Corden insinuated he wanted to be an official member of BTS. "Is this your way of asking me to join the band?" he said in one part of the clip. TBH, if anyone's up for the job, it's him.