ARMYs Can't Stop Raving About BTS' Hilarious 'Tonight Show' Subway Takeover

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Ever since BTS and Jimmy Fallon developed an adorable bromance on the Tonight Show in September 2018, fans have been waiting for them to reunite again. Fans' wishes finally came true on Monday, Feb. 24. Before the special episode aired, Fallon told the BTS ARMY it would be an episode like never before, and these tweets about BTS' Tonight Show subway special show he wasn't wrong.

After dropping their Map of the Soul: 7 album on Friday, Feb. 21, BTS celebrated by holding several events around New York City. First, they appeared on the Today show for a live interview on Rockefeller Plaza, then they debuted their new Hyundai ad on a huge billboard in Times Square. Now, Fallon and BTS dedicated a whole Tonight Show episode to exploring other parts of NYC. Along with Fallon, BTS visited the NYC's iconic landmarks, held an extended interview on a train, performed their latest single, "ON," at Grand Central Terminal, and ate at the famous restaurant Katz’s Delicatessen.

With BTS being the world's biggest boyband, it may surprise fans the group traveled around NYC undetected. Well, Fallon revealed on Twitter that BTS performed at Grand Central Terminal after it closed at 2 a.m. As for their meal at Katz’s, BTS surprisingly went there during normal business hours. "We keep a pastrami recipe secret for 132 years," Katz's owner Jake Dell, said. "I think we can keep a visit secret."

Fans will be happy to hear BTS had the full NYC experience. Watch their epic performance and some of their best moments from their trip below.

Fans couldn't seem to get enough of BTS' New York City adventures with Fallon, and ARMYS flocked to Twitter to rave about the episode. Most all of, they simply could not get over how flawless Jungkook's English was when chatting with the talk show host.

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but if there's anyone who can shut it down, it's the BTS boys.