Sean Spicer Accidentally Left His Venmo Public, So Let The Trolling Begin


Sean Spicer, press secretary to Donald Trump, just can't seem to catch a break.

And he's not exactly making it any easier for himself.

Spicer's lack of digital security keeps coming back to bite him, and he can't seem to keep up with the rest of the digital generation finding him.

Like, obviously there's the political stuff that's bogging him down — insisting "alternative facts" are facts, telling the bullies to be nice to his sad boss, not knowing Frederick Douglass and generally being so belligerently wrong, he made it easy for Melissa McCarthy.

But then there's all this digital stuff, which could so easily be avoided, bro!

First, there was his Twitter account.

The internet discovered Spicer had an ongoing feud with Dippin' Dots, which he does NOT believe is the ice cream of the future.


Then there were multiple password incidents.

Spicer tweeted random eight-character jumbles, which many people believed were his passwords.


And now, it's Venmo.

On Monday, February 6, Emma Tolkin tweeted that she'd found Sean Spicer's Venmo account.

And in reality, it really wasn't that hard to find... because it's totally public.


Just search "Sean Spicer."

Tolkin tweeted a screenshot of his account, which already featured some trolling.

Venmo is a chill way to stalk people, but there were really only two charges that look legitimate — Sean paying Shannon Spicer for "parent dinner" and Ryan Spicer for "M&ms" this past summer.

Then the trolling really kicked off.

Because Spicer's account is public, people can freely charge and pay him for various things.

The people had fun with it. Sarah Wainschel made a reference to the "Bowling Green Massacre" — that Kellyanne Conway invented.


Some folks asked for monetary assistance, since Trump is driving us all a little mad.


While other people just wanted to give Spicer their two cents on the administration for which he works.


Sean, I'm serious, hire somebody to check your online security. Your job's hard enough already. Stop leaving yourself open to this silly trolling.

(But also, thank you for this fun stress relief. I'll Venmo you $5 in a minute.)

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