The 11 Funniest Tweets About Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting Scandal

Win McNamee/Getty Images

In case you hadn't heard, there's been a bit of a dust-up, if you will, between the United States and Russia in the last few months. The short version: the CIA, National Security Agency, and FBI agreed that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election last November.

There's a special counsel to determine whether or not the current President of the United freakin' States colluded with Russian officials. There have been firings of high-ranking intelligence officials, hearings, and tweets. Oh, the tweets.

It's been a whole thing.

Anyways, now that you, pretend reader who has blissfully had your head in the sand, are all caught up, we can proceed to the latest development.

And it's a doozy.

Over the weekend, the New York Times published an article claiming that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer last summer after being promised damaging information on the Clinton campaign. (Oh, and Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort were also reportedly there.)

The first son of the president and current head of the Trump Organization -- while papa is running the country, anyway -- meeting with foreign nationals in exchange for dirt on their opponent is a pretty serious allegation.

Anyways, Trump Jr. initially responded with a statement that it was just a run-of-the-mill meeting set up by a friend-of-a-friend about U.S.–Russia sanctions, adoption, etc., etc. He made another statement that contradicted his first statement. Yadda, yadda.

He denied the allegations on Twitter, too:

But then he tweeted:

Some think Baby Trump basically admitted to committing a crime in that first tweet and has been trying to clean up his mess.

But even if that's not the case, the eldest Trump child definitely effed up.

Because only a few weeks after this meeting went down, Trump Jr. appeared on CNN to deny allegations that the Trump campaign was working with Russia.

"It just goes to show you [the Clinton campaign's] exact moral compass. They'll say anything just to win this," Trump Jr. said last July. "It's disgusting. It's so phony...I can't think of bigger lies."

For me, watching what seems to be more and more evidence of communications between the Trump campaign and the Russian government surface is so mind-bogglingly unreal -- like a bad Tom Cruise movie, or, when I'm in a good mood, a Season-3-ratings-grab episode of Arrested Development -- the only way I can process this information is to laugh.

So here are just some funny f*ckin' tweets about the latest Trump family gaffe.