Last-minute group Halloween costumes you can easily pull together.
15 Last-Minute Group Halloween Costumes That Are Fun & Creative

Squad goals.

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Not to scare you but Halloween is creeping up quickly. If you and your friends haven’t picked out a costume yet, don’t panic. There are plenty of last-minute outfit options you can put together with items you already have at home for the most low-effort, high-reward costumes. These 15 last-minute group Halloween costumes are great to full replicate, or they might spark an idea for an entirely different lewk. Either way, check them out to get the creativity flowing so you can still get to the Halloween party before all the caramel apples (or apple pie shots, if you’re 21 or older) run out.

Whether your group is going for a sexy look, a movie reference, or something super simple, these costumes cover all the bases. The best part is that you’ll most likely already have all the pieces in your closet waiting to be styled. Think effortlessly chic. These group costumes are made for anywhere from three to 52 people (hello, deck of cards) — props if you can get that many people on board.

Of course, if you’re going for a last-minute look, you may need to improvise or explain a little bit about what your costume is. But one people know what you’re going for, you’ll be rocking in costume as well as if you’d starting planning in August!


The Breakfast Club

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Grab four of your friends for the remake of this 1985 John Hughes coming-of-age film. Choose your high school clique and outfits wisely — “a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.” Remember: At the end of the day, their shared bond remains unbreakable.


The Powerpuff Girls

Fight villains and save Townsville as sister trio Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Channel The Powerpuff Girls in pink, blue, and green. Make it your own, and mix it up like Professor Utonium would have.


Mean Girls

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Get your frenemies, er, girl squad, together for a Mean Girls shopping trip. Cady Heron wears a red long sleeve top and jeans, while Regina George, Karen Smith, and Gretchen Wieners don pink tops with mini skirts and heels. As Gretchen would say, that is so fetch!

You can also put on your Christmas best and go specifically as The Plastics during their “Jingle Bell Rock” performance, or make it a Wednesday, and you all wear pink.


The Office

Nobody wants to feel like they’re at work when they’re at a party, but if you have your workwear finest ready to go, you can easily pull together this group costume with as few as three people. Maybe go as the Party Planning Committee, since there have been so many different iterations. Angela, Pam, and Phyllis were the OGs, and then there was the addition of Meredith, Ryan, Kelly, Karen, Holly, and Oscar at some points.

Other committees included a Jim and Dwight duo, and, of course, the Committee To Plan Parties: Karen and Pam.


The Hangover

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A trio looking for a last-minute costume can easily go as Alan, Phil, and Stu. Honestly, you don’t even need to dress just like them to make it work. Throw on your best comfy day-after outfit that you put on when you’ve partied like you were at a Vegas bachelor party, and voilà, you’re The Hangover. If you want, you can make sure one person has glasses like Stu and a fake baby for Alan.

Have a fourth in your group? Put them in a suit, and you have your Doug.


Totally Spies

If your mission is to totally slay Halloween, this is the group ensemble for you. Go undercover as Clover in red, Sam in green, and Alex in yellow. Spy suits are tricky to find, but DIY your own outfit with those colors in mind.


Only Murders In The Building


Three people can easily pull this off with items from your closet. Got some over-ear headphones and a furry coat? You’re Mabel. Any Brazos costumes will be great with a floor-length duster or trench, and Oliver should sport a fedora-type hat and scarf.


Stranger Things

With so many seasons to choose from, you could stick to OG costumes and go as Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. Waffles for Eleven will be a good clue (possibly her pink dress too). Dustin can wear a multi-colored cap and a jacket, bonus points if you have brown, curly hair. Both Mike and Lucas sport some ‘80s plaid.

For later seasons, you can look to Max and Eddie Munson as well as OGs like Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve.


Fruit Of The Loom Characters

All you need for this is an appreciation for commercials from the early 2000s and a few colorful pieces in your wardrobe. The Fruit Guys, as the characters are known, consist of an apple, green grapes, purple grapes, and a dark green leaf. For a fearsome foursome, grab the color of your fruit out of your wardrobe — and there you have it. Maybe learn the lyrics to the 2006 commercial song “Blue” to really drive it home.


The Bear Characters

Make The Original Beef of Chicagoland your place of work for one night only when you and your crew don aprons (blue for Carmy and Sydney) and say “Yes, chef!” to each other all night.


Tracks From Midnights

Taylor Swift broke records with her Oct. 21 album, and you can easily channel tracks like “Lavender Haze” and “Maroon” by wearing a ‘fit in the respective colors. You can also up the ante with colorful makeup. Dress up like “Anti-Hero” by wearing a sign or stickers that say “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s Me.” And for “Vigilante Sh*t,” make sure you wear a “cat eye sharp enough to kill a man” — and make sure you dress for revenge.



Don’t get lost in the sauce, unless it’s ketchup, mustard, or your favorite dip. Print out a logo of your condiment of choice and stick it on a plain or colored t-shirt for the fastest Halloween costume you’ll ever put together. Dijon mustard, anyone?



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Be a literal snack this Halloween with these iconic treats. Cut out the letter “M” and stick it on a variety of colorful shirts for the whole M&M’s crew.


Deck of Cards

Play your cards right and you might win the Halloween costume game. All you need are white T-shirts and print-outs of the suits — clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. Get as many as 52 of your friends on board for the whole deck.


Dress As Each Other

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Put your knowledge of each other to the test in this Halloween costume that’s really an OOTD. It’s an excuse to play closet swap or do the best impression of your friends’ go-to outfit with what you’ve got. Bonus points if you can talk like your BFF too. As Joey Tribbiani would say, “Could [you] be wearing anymore clothes?”