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The Green M&M is getting a little makeover and fans of the characters have quite a bit to say.

Everyone Is Losing It Over The Green M&M's Disappointing Redesign

Give her back her heels!


A makeover sounds like fun, but when you remove someone’s signature look the result might strike a nerve. This rings true for Ms. Green, the anthropomorphized M&M candy who has starred in memorable commercials for the chocolate treats. On Jan. 20, Mars Wrigley announced its iconic chocolate candy characters will be getting a progressive makeover, one that deals more with personality compared to physical appearance. However, fans are not happy about the redesign of Ms. Green, who has now swapped her go-go boots for a pair of sneakers. Here are all the tweets about the Green M&M’s 2022 redesign.

Although each candy character received a new look, it was Ms. Green who notably had the biggest change. Ms. Green made her debut with white knee-high go-go boots in 1997 and has also been seen sporting white heels in various commercials and ads. Although some deemed her to be controversial, the character’s sassy style was well-liked.

The decision comes in order to highlight the importance of “self-expression and power of community.” According to Mars, Ms. Green’s sneakers are meant to reflect her cool confidence and “better represented to reflect confidence and empowerment, as a strong female, and known for much more than her boots.”

Other M&M squad members are also getting updates, like Orange will start addressing his anxiety and Red will try to be less bossy. Still, Ms. Green isn’t the only woman in the group who got a shoe change. The Brown M&M, or Ms. Brown, is trading in her stilettos for a pair of kitten heels, one typically seen in business attire.

Fans can meet the redesigned M&M’s on their company profiles as well. But, here’s what people think of Ms. Green’s new look.

As Ms. Green became a trending topic on Twitter, it became very clear that nobody was here for her casual new kicks. People began demanding the Green M&M get her heels back and maintain her fun persona.

The M&M’s Twitter account took notice of the backlash, but their attempt to capitalize on it only inspired even more jokey responses.

So, it’s goodbye heels and hello sneakers for everyone’s favorite green candy. But, with what we know of Ms. Green, she doesn’t seem like the type of person who would let a pair of sneakers stop her from being the girl boss that she is.