these Easter Zoom backgrounds will liven up your calls

These 19 Easter Zoom Backgrounds Are Simply Egg-cellent

Bunnies and flowers galore.

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It’s time to break out the egg-shaped bites and Peeps because Easter is coming up so soon. No matter how you're celebrating, you can easily add a little Easter fun to your Zoom calls with festive backgrounds. Whether you want to channel the Easter egg hunts of your youth or just want to give yourself an Easter-ready pastel vibe, these Easter Zoom backgrounds serve up a variety of choices.

A holiday Zoom call has become super normal if you can’t see friends or family in person for whatever reason, whether it's on the actual day or during festivities leading up to the big celebration. Whatever your Easter holiday tradition is, a virtual option is always there.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Easter Zoom backgrounds available from royalty-free image services like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. Once you find an image you’d like to use, click to download it from the image service or right-click to save it on your computer if it’s from a blog. Next, upload your image to Zoom by heading to Zoom’s Settings tab and selecting Backgrounds & Filters. Once there, simply choose the plus sign to upload the image, and your surroundings will change into a festive Easter backdrop. Here are some Easter Zoom background ideas to get you started.

1. Easter-Themed Cookies


This Easter background for Zoom from Unsplash features a tray of decorated cookies shaped like bunnies, carrots, chicks, and flowers in pretty pastel shades. It’s perfect for an Easter gathering that’s centered on food, but fair warning, it might make you (and you virtual guests) hungry to fulfill your sweet tooth.

2. Yellow Daffodils


A simple nod to the spring holiday, this Zoom background from Unsplash features a pretty close-up shot of yellow daffodils. This one is great if most of the Easter imagery isn’t your vibe and you want something festive, but a bit more subtle.

3. Dogs With Bunny Ears


Dogs aren't quintessential Easter icons, but when they're wearing bunny ears and posing in front of a basket of plastic eggs like in this background for Zoom from Pixabay, they so are. If your family and friends are animal lovers, this background will go over seamlessly.

4. Nest With Blue Eggs


This Easter background from The Hallmark Channel features a bird's nest with blue eggs resting inside for a nod to the spring holiday. It’s giving major simplistic and boho Anthropologie vibes, perfect if you want to lean into the holiday’s aesthetic but keep it chic and cool.

5. Basket With Pastel Eggs


Easter candy is an essential. With a basket full of pastel chocolate eggs in shades of pink, blue, and brown, you'll feel ready for the holiday with this Easter Zoom background from Unsplash. Maybe you can even have a small bowl of the real thing next to your keyboard as you chat with everyone (and snack, of course).

6. Fluffy Bunnies


Do you identify as a major animal lover? This bunny background for Easter from Pixabay will sweeten up your call. With two fluffy bunnies nibbling on little white daisies, this image is unbeatable in terms of seasonal cuteness.

7. Pastel Floral Cupcakes


This Pixabay Zoom background for Easter features pretty cupcakes in pastel colors, decorated with icing shaped like spring flowers. After all, who doesn’t love themed desserts on a holiday? Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to make some yourself.

8. Sophisticated Easter Eggs


Far from the globs of color on your childhood Easter eggs, this floral-themed Easter egg background from Pixabay will brighten up your Zoom call with a pastel basket and pink, blue, and purple florals. Maybe you can even convince people you took the photo of some eggs you so beautifully decorated yourself.

9. Candy Charcuterie Board


This delish Easter background from Williams-Sonoma features a pretty marble surface and a wooden charcuterie board full of festive Easter candies like egg-shaped chocolates and bunny-shaped gummies. Even if you can’t have the real thing in front of you, this background will do for the time being on Zoom.

10. Cute Chick


This Zoom background for Easter from Unsplash includes a bright pink background with a tiny chick balancing on one leg. A true icon of springtime and Easter, a chick is sure to bring cute and festive vibes behind you on any virtual meeting with friends and family.

11. Happy Easter


Spell out "Happy Easter" on your next Zoom call with this virtual background from Unsplash featuring letter tiles paying homage to the holiday. Minimalistic with its Scrabble-esque tiles, it’s a perfect background for someone who likes to get the celebratory holiday feeling across in a quiet and sophisticated way.

12. Rollin' With My Peeps


This Easter video background from Delish features the iconic Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies on an animated green background with white polka dots and the phrase "Rollin' with my Peeps." While others might show up to your Zoom call with a simple background (if even that), this will be sure to impress the crowds.

13. Lamb In A Field


This Easter background from Unsplash captures a lamb in a green field. Standing underneath a tree, the lamb makes for a lovely and inviting seasonal background. Especially if you live in a city, this image will bring a well-needed pastoral escape — even if it’s just a virtual one.

14. Rabbit In A Basket


Cute up your Easter calls with a virtual background from Pexels of a fluffy rabbit sitting in a brown basket. As if that isn’t enough on its own, the bunny is holding a "Happy Easter" sign in its mouth. Talk about festive! This one checks all the boxes.

15. Festive Easter Cakes


This Easter Zoom background from Williams-Sonoma includes four festive cakes decorated like a chick, a speckled egg, a pastel layer cake with dyed eggs, and a carrot-shaped cake. If you can’t have them in front of you, you might as well have them behind you.

16. Ribbon-Wrapped Flower Buds


From Pexels, this image makes for a chic Easter Zoom background. It features what looks like small maroon eggs, some matching colored ribbon, a “Happy Easter” stationery card, and a handful of stems of pussy willow, which notoriously begins to grow its fuzzy buds in early spring.

17. Line Of Carrots


This Easter virtual background from Pexels is playful, bright, and on theme. With a bold blue backdrop and a subtle and fun border of bright orange carrots, this background is simple yet childlike and happy — perfect for the Easter celebration mood.

18. Bouquet Of Tulips


Nothing says springtime and Easter like a bunch of seasonal flowers. This Easter Zoom background from Unsplash features an overhead shot of a colorful bouquet of tulips — arguably the most quintessential spring flower out there. With hues of purple, red, yellow, pink, and white, this image will be sure to bring some welcome color to your virtual call.

19. Ornamental Eggs


Not all of us are expert egg decorating artisans, but you can embrace the artsy aesthetic with this Easter Zoom background from Pexels. It features five beautifully painted eggs in a basket that will be the envy of everyone.

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