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ColourPop's new Peeps collection for Easters includes bright Super Shock eyeshadows.

ColourPop And Peeps' Delicious New Collab Is Way Better Than Candy

Easter’s coming early this year.

Courtesy of ColourPop

Your favorite holiday treat just got a beauty makeover. In all its marshmallow and pastel goodness, Peeps are coming to ColourPop just in time for the Easter holiday in the sweetest mashup, featuring tons of Super Shock Shadows and Glowing Lip shades. The entire collection drops tomorrow, April 8, so you can both look like a Peep while you enjoy the delicious seasonal candy.

As any true Peeps lover knows, the bunny and chicken marshmallows come in a wide range of springtime colors, which is just what you want when creating a seriously vibrant Spring look. As part of the collab, ColourPop is breaking out Peeps’ bright pink, green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, and white shades for its new collection of shadows. And with Super Shock Shadow’s crème formula, you only need one swipe to achieve bold color with a fun, sparkly finish. But just giving you color wasn’t enough, all of the products come packaged in little bunny-eared boxes.

To complete your Easter-inspired look, ColourPop and Peeps are also dropping three Glowing Lip sticks in lavender, pink, and orange shades. You’ll get a glossy pop of color while its superpower ingredients deeply nourish your lips thanks to the inclusion of argan, cocoa, shea butters, and vegan collagen in each stick. It’s about as hydrating and plumping as a product can get.

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Courtesy of ColourPop

When does the ColourPop x Peeps collection go on sale?

The Easter Bunny’s coming early this year. On ColourPop’s website, you can snag the Peeps’ drop on April 8 at 10 a.m. PT. Given how quickly the beauty retailer’s collabs sell out, you’ll want to set your alarm so you don’t miss out.

How much does ColourPop’s Peeps collection cost?

You can get the whole kit and caboodle for $68. However, if just the shadows speak to you, you can get the Peeps Super Shock Bundle for $42 or each individual one for $7. Of course, you may want to add in the Glowing Peeps Lip Bundle for $22 or just one for $8.