Two smiling women make TikTok Easter recipes using Peeps in their kitchen.

These Peeps-Filled Easter Recipes On TikTok Will Make Your Tastebuds So Hoppy

Claudia Burlotti/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Name a better duo than Peeps and Easter. One of your favorite Easter traditions probably includes trying out the newest Peeps flavors that drop every year and incorporating as many of these colorful marshmallows into your day as possible. If nothing gets you in the hoppy spirit quite like these fluffy treats, then you'll definitely want to chick out these TikTok Easter recipes using Peeps.

Whether you're looking for dishes to add to your Easter brunch, dessert, or snack table, these TikTok recipes have you covered. They'll freshen up your holiday situation with their festive colors and Insta-worthy presentation — and that's not even the best part. Peeps are already a treat by themselves with their adorable chick and bunny shapes and sugary marshmallow centers, so just imagine how much better they'll taste once they're warm and gooey. Serving up any of these cute TikTok Peep recipes will make your menu instantly Easter bunny-approved.

Once your housemates peep these holiday staples on your Easter plate, everyone at the table will be amazed at how creative your treats are. It wouldn't be surprising if they asked you to make this dish again next year. Sorry, hot cross buns, it looks like these TikTok Easter recipes using Peeps are about to be the new holiday MVP.

This Peeps S'Mores Dip Is Bursting With Color

Marshmallows were basically invented to be made into s'mores, so this Peeps s'mores dip is a total no-brainer. Not only is this dish super easy to assemble and beginner-friendly, but it also makes for a colorful addition to your dessert table, thanks to the Easter-themed colors in the Peeps. When you snap a pic of this dish on your Easter table, your photos will be extra festive.

These Creme Egg And Peep Pancakes Are So Eggs-tra

Brunch is your favorite meal of the day, which means your Easter brunch has to really be next-level to stand out. You can give your typical breakfast dish a sweet spin by recreating these creme egg and Peep pancakes. They're filled with chopped chocolate eggs on the inside and topped with more chocolate eggs, Peeps, and drizzles of chocolate syrup. You'll start your Easter off on the right foot when you begin your day with a bite of these pancakes.

These Peeps Rice Krispie Treats Include Fruity Pebbles

Your inner kid will be so pleased when you bite into one of these Peeps Rice Krispie treats. Using Fruity Pebbles, extra marshmallows, and of course, Peeps, this snack has fun written all over it. To make this dessert, all you need to do is melt some marshmallows (the regular or Peeps kind) in butter, add in some Fruity Pebbles, pour the mixture onto a pan, and top with your fave Peeps.

These Chocolate-Covered Peeps Are Quick And Easy To Make

Need something quick to whip up during your Easter weekend? Don't fret, these chocolate-covered Peeps can save you time in the kitchen while serving up a tasty treat. Simply dip your Peeps halfway in melted chocolate and cover them with sprinkles as they dry. It's quick, simple, and oh-so cute.

This Smoked Peeps Recipe Uses A Grill

Your Easter barbecue just got sweeter. If you already got your grill out for the day, popping these smoked Peeps in will be an easy addition. You can think of this recipe as a cross between Rice Krispies and s'mores, as it has alternating layers of Peeps and Rice Krispies that are smoked on the grill for that roasted marshmallow flavor. This is, hands down, one unique Easter recipe your roomies are sure to enjoy.