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April 2023's Hybrid Solar Eclipse Will Affect These 4 Signs Least

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Feel free to take a break from spring cleaning, because there’s a solar eclipse brewing in the cosmos that’s demanding all of your attention. Taking place in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, the first eclipse of 2023 is all about bringing in new, bold, beginnings into your world that are highlighting your self-expression, ambitions, and personal autonomy. It’s safe to say that this month’s all about you, but there are three zodiac signs that won’t be affected by the energy of April 2023’s hybrid solar eclipse as much as others, due to their lack of resemblance to the impulsive, straight-forward nature of Aries.

What Is A Hybrid Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses occur when the moon blots out the sun’s rays, preventing light from reaching earth. This can often cause what’s referred to as a “ring of fire” as the moon’s shadow is cast over the sun. However, this eclipse in particular is considered to be a hybrid eclipse, meaning that it’s considered to be a mixture between a total and annular eclipse, as the moon fully covers the sun in some parts of the world, and partially covers the sun in others. Hybrid eclipses are even more rare than total and annular eclipses, occurring only once every decade.

When Does 2023’s Hybrid Solar Eclipse Take Place?

On April 20 at 1:34 a.m. UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, since it won’t be visible in the U.S.), the sun and moon will conjoin to create a hybrid solar eclipse in Aries. This will bring a surge in energy and action-packed pursuits for every sign, but for Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio, this eclipse won’t be as hectic.

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Here’s why April’s hybrid solar eclipse will affect these three signs the least:

Taurus (April 20 - May 21)

Your season is just around the corner, Taurus, but before the sun shifts into your sign, there’s some important new developments unfolding for you in the depths of your subconscious mind. On April 20, the solar eclipse will bring forth major new beginnings regarding how you retreat and recharge your batteries. Peace of mind is a priority now, and as a result, you may find yourself being harder to reach or less available to the outside world. Not to worry though — you’ll be feeling fully rejuvenated as your season begins the following day.

Virgo (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21)

On April 20, the solar eclipse will bring powerful new beginnings to your shared resources, assets, and intimate connections. This could be the start of a new business venture or financial responsibility you’re sharing with another person, so be mindful of how you’re upholding healthy boundaries now. As someone always eager to offer support to others, it’s important to keep the scales as balanced as you can, even if you are offering a loved one a helping hand.

Scorpio (Oct. 22 - Nov. 21)

As the solar eclipse unfolds this month, you will be actively pursuing a new endeavor in your rituals routines, or healthy habits. As a fellow Mars-ruled sign, you’re always looking for your next challenge, and this eclipse is the perfect time to hit the ground running. Just be sure to pace yourself, Scorpio — you’ll be more prone to burnout as this eclipse takes place. One new regimen or wellness craze at a time.