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Young woman who DGAF during the April 2023 full Pink Moon, which will affect her zodiac sign least.

The April 2023 Full Pink Moon Will Affect 3 Zodiac Signs Least

Anti-social vibes only.

Aries SZN always comes out swinging; it’s assertive, ambitious, and marks the beginning of your selfish era #sorrynotsorry. Though this may cause a stir with those around you, the energy of this cardinal fire sign usually asks that you listen to yourself and drown out the noise of the people who don’t believe in your abilities. But as the first full moon of the season approaches, many will be encouraged to balance out their independence with socialization, relationship-building, and diplomacy, inviting you to lean into the partnerships that aim to lighten your load. Certain zodiac signs, however, will be less affected by the April 2023 full Pink Moon, so they won’t be as eager to mingle as others.

Taking place at 12:35 a.m. EST on April 6 in the cardinal air sign of Libra, this full moon will illuminate a lot of signs’ cravings for close connections. Libra is a sign that promotes treating people equally — you get what you give, so treat others how you want to be treated. However, as the opposite sign of Aries, this energy may cause tension between your desire for autonomy and interdependence. For the ones who will be least affected by the Pink Moon, they’ll look to find balance in ways that have more to do with behind-the-scenes pursuits versus networking.

What’s A Pink Moon?

While (sadly) not actually pink, a Pink Moon is the first full moon of spring. Though this may seem like where the “Pink Moon” nickname comes from, it’s reportedly because of the blooming of flowers during April, after a dry, lifeless winter. It’s also referred to as a Paschal Moon, due to its connection to Easter Sunday. It’s used to determine which Sunday Easter should be observed on annually, occurring the following Sunday (in this case, April 9).

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Taurus (April 20 - May 21)

On April 6, the full moon will bring awareness to your current habits, practices, and rituals. As a fellow Venusian, you like to surround yourself with small pleasures in your daily life, even if it’s as simple as having dessert after dinner. Today’s full moon encourages you to consider how you’ve been creating space for enjoyable moments in between handling your responsibilities — they don’t have to be saved for later. Do more of what feels good to you today, Taurus, regardless of whether you feel like you’ve truly earned it. Your body will thank you.

Scorpio (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

This month’s full moon is drawing your focus inward, Scorpio, and highlighting how you allow time for isolation and recovery. For you, alone time is best enjoyed when you allow yourself to indulge in things that you tend to overlook or neglect. Watching reality TV, painting your toes, or spending hours on the phone with a long-distance friend looks like self-care for you, and that’s okay. Simple pleasures allow you to rest, and not focus so much on your next conquest, so sit back and allow yourself to enjoy the little things.

Pisces (Feb. 18 - March 20)

As the full moon in Libra illuminates your eighth house on April 6, you’ll be invited to establish balance when it comes to how you show up for others. Whether it be your time, money, or energy, there needs to be an equal exchange of investments in your relationships, Pisces — and this full moon is inviting you to consider just how balanced the scales are. You deserve to be poured into the same way you pour into others, you’re not asking for too much.