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This Is The Worst Date To Get Married In 2022, So I Hope You Didn't Book Yet

Try to avoid saying your vows on this unlucky day.

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If I told you there’s a way to find out when something bad is going to happen on any given day, would you want to know about it beforehand or would you prefer to be surprised? Though there are plenty who would choose the second option, there’s probably an equal amount who would go with the former — and that’s where predictive astrology could come in to play. And for those of you in that group, I can tell you the wedding date to avoid in 2022, according to astrology, so you can potentially spare yourself, or your loved ones, the heartache.

In astrology, Venus is the sole planet that is all about relationships and marriage, so a general rule of thumb when assessing whether it’s the best day to make a major decision pertaining to partnerships — or, in this case, the worst — is to take a look at what the planet of love is doing during that timeframe. And there’s one unlucky day in 2022 when Venus will be in a pretty challenging place, conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, making this a day you may not necessarily want to say “I do.”

What Is The No. 1 Wedding Date To Avoid In 2022?

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It gives me no pleasure to tell you that March 28 is the worst date to get married this year. (Seriously, that’s my birthday, so I really get no pleasure out of this.) But this is what happens when Venus and Saturn sync up. These two planets couldn’t be more different: Venus represents love, unity, and partnership; Saturn represents boundaries, limitations, and stress. As these two planets come together to form a conjunction on March 28, Venus’ expression will essentially be limited, making it difficult to express any lovey-dovey feels.

The Astrology On March 28, 2022, Explained

Venus will be in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, which isn’t necessarily a place where it has domain; it’s most comfortable in Taurus, Libra, and Pisces. In Aquarius, Venus expresses itself in a way that’s detached and distant, so it’s far more difficult to connect with your loved ones during this time. It’s also a time when Venus is more concerned with ideas, so this may be a time to reflect and intellectualize instead of making any major romantic moves.

While this transit isn’t ideal for embarking on any major new beginnings in your relationships, it’s definitely still worthwhile to check what astrological house Aquarius falls in your birth chart to see how the Venus-Saturn conjunction will affect you personally, since everyone will be experiencing this energy a little differently. Who knows? While March 28, 2022 may be unlucky for the collective, it might just be the best possible day to get married for you and your partner.

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