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The Best Day To Get Married In 2022 Is Coming Up Quick, So You Better Hope It's Not Booked Up

The astrology on this day is unreal.

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Predictive astrology is my favorite thing about working with the cosmos. Studying the astrology of the year ahead has major benefits, especially if you’re planning a major event like your wedding. Many would probably want to avoid getting hitched in the middle of a chaotic Mercury or Venus retrograde if they can help it, and would prefer to have their special day include more positive astrological transits instead. To ease your worries, the best day to get married in 2022, according to astrology, is definitely not during a roller coaster retrograde season, but it is coming up quick, so you better hope it’s not booked up.

When Is The Luckiest Date To Get Married In 2022?

The best month to get married in 2022 is April, so that’s already soon enough. Fortunately, the optimal wedding date for the year is all the way at the end of the month, on April 30, so that gives you more time to prepare.

On this day, Venus and Jupiter will be conjoining in Pisces, emphasizing love, unity, and growth, all while the very first eclipse of 2022 looms overhead, in Taurus. Since Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the emphasis on Venus during this time will be particularly highlighted. And since Venus is the planet of partnership, there is no better date than April 30 to take the next big step with your significant other.

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The Astrology On April 30, 2022, Explained

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction taking place on this day isn’t only beneficial because it involves the two most positive planets in astrology, but it’s also taking place in Pisces, a sign where Venus is exalted and Jupiter has its domicile. This indicates that the significations of these two planets are supported and encouraged while they’re combining their energies, creating abundance, opportunity, and compassion. Pisces is a mutable water sign all about deep emotions and idealism, making it the perfect day to walk down the aisle. With so much optimism in the air, the energy will almost feel like a dream come true.

Combine this with the sun and moon simultaneously joining up for the solar eclipse in Taurus, and it’s a recipe for peak romance. While eclipses tend to bring more of a heavy energy, this eclipse is looking far more positive, especially since Venus, the ruler of this eclipse, will be in such an amazing position. This is also a solar eclipse, which is far more supportive of a powerful new beginning than a lunar eclipse. As the very first eclipse of 2022, getting married or embarking on any other new beginning on this day will ensure that your marriage starts off with a major boost.

It may be beneficial to check your personal birth chart to see what houses Taurus and Pisces govern over, to further understand how these energies will affect you personally. No matter where this energy shows up in your own astrological compass, it will support everyone, regardless of what your plans are on this special day, so I encourage you to really lean into this energy.

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