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I tried TruMoo's Blue Milk, which looks like the drink from Disney's 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge.

Here’s How TruMoo’s Star Wars Blue Milk Compares To Disneyland’s

The out-of-this-galaxy drink is now available in grocery stores.

Rachel Chapman/TruMoo/Elite Daily

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away — or even to Florida or California — to try a popular Star Wars treat. Disney’s Blue Milk (or Bantha Milk) is now available at your local grocery store.

Instead of heading to your closest stateside Disney park and spending money on tickets, you can experience a bit of Star Wars at home with TruMoo’s Blue Milk.

While the brand-new dairy product definitely has the same hue as the one in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, its ingredients are completely different. So I tried the new Blue Milk to see whether it tastes similar and, more importantly, which one tastes better.

Disney’s Blue Milk Sounds Delicious, But It’s Not A Fave

The Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk, which you can find at the Milk Stand for $8, is a blended plant-based coconut and rice milk drink with a fruity profile.

It’s more popular than the Green Milk option, which has floral characteristics, but both are an acquired taste in comparison to more beloved drinks like the Cold Brew Black Caf at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Blue Milk is actually a very divisive Disneyland treat, but TruMoo’s version is much more agreeable.

TruMoo’s Blue Milk Was Made For Picky Eaters

Rachel Chapman/Elite Daily

When the good folks at Disney created its Galaxy’s Edge menu, it’s clear they were trying to come up with food and drinks that befit a place out of this world — but that’s not the case at all with TruMoo.

While the color is unique, the Star Wars Blue Milk is super simple; it’s essentially just a vanilla-flavored 1% low-fat milk.

Right away, you’ll notice the biggest difference is that Disney’s version is dairy-free and the grocery store version one is not. The Milk Stand option is great for anyone on a vegan or dairy-free diet, but TruMoo’s would probably be more screen-accurate.

The colorful dairy product first appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). Luke Skywalker never commented on the taste in the film, but it is said to be a sweet milk from the fictional Bantha creatures. That sounds more like TruMoo’s vanilla-flavored milk than Disney’s blended coconut and rice milk slushy.

It can be a delicious and fun addition to your morning coffee — unless your go-to is six shots of espresso like Pedro Pascal.

TL;DR, TruMoo’s is very much a basic vanilla milk, so it’s a lot easier to enjoy if you’re a picky eater. It’s probably not something you’d want to drink on its own often, though. It’s just milk, but it can be a delicious and fun addition to your morning coffee... unless your go-to is six shots of espresso like Pedro Pascal.

For anyone celebrating Star Wars Day (aka May the Fourth), a glass of Blue Milk alongside some other themed treats like a Wookie (whoopie) Pie or Baby Yoda’s macarons from The Mandalorian might be a cute snack idea for your movie night. TruMoo also has other recipe ideas like a Grogu Smoothie or Blue Milk Chocolate Cookie Pies.

The Star Wars Blue Milk will be available in stores for a limited time beginning April 17 through July.