You Just Became a Tortured Poet
Swifties are in search of dupes for Taylor Swift's pink pearl phone case.

9 Taylor Swift Pearl Phone Case Dupes Starting At $10

For when you’re down bad.

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Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department era may be black and white with scholarly typewriter motifs, but the singer’s current phone case is in screaming color. Following the release of her “Fortnight” music video on April 19, Swift posted a YouTube Shorts video with clips from her life, including one of her holding her phone with a pearl case.

This isn’t the first time fans have seen Swift’s multicolored phone case. She also had it with her at the 2024 Golden Globes, which is when Swifties discovered that the exact one she uses is the Pink Mother of Pearl square case ($46) from Flaunt. Now with its second appearance in the #ForAFortnightChallenge video, fans have flocked to Flaunt’s site to purchase the shimmering phone case. It is currently only available for pre-order, so if you don’t want to wait until May 4 for it to ship, you can always find a pearl phone case dupe online.

Finding a dupe allows you to customize the case to your liking. For example, you may not be a huge fan of the square design. When one Swiftie saw which case the Tortured Poets singer uses, they tweeted, “Square cornered phone case is so unforgivable. I stan her but this isn’t OK.” Luckily, there are ones with more rounded edges if that’s more your style.

Taylor Swift/Instagram

The iridescent hue of Swift’s case matches her current lilac aesthetic — which could be an Easter egg to her next era since she’s always thinking ahead — but there are also options of other pearl shades, like white, if you’d rather match the current TTPD era’s color scheme. Whether you want an exact dupe or something that’s more you, here are nine pearl phone cases similar to Taylor Swift’s to choose from.

This Is Taylor’s Exact Pearl Phone Case

This is Swift’s current phone case, if you want to copy her. The square design is meant to be chic, and according to Flaunt, it is more protective as well, because the corners provide extra cushion and make it easier for you to grip. While Swift has chosen the Pink Mother of Pearl color, this case also comes in original, sepia, and blue shades, too.

This Mother Of Pearl Case Is More Affordable

Swift has been using the same case for months, but you may be someone who likes to switch things up more often to match your OOTD. If you’re like “The Bolter” and go through multiple phone case every season, you may not want to spend $46 on just one. Instead, this mother of pearl dupe case is half the price, and slightly more budget-friendly.

This Pink Case Has Rounded Edges

If you just can’t get onboard with the square case trend, Amazon has this pink pearlescent case with rounded edges. It’s not only super affordable at just $10, but also beloved with over 1,200 5-star reviews. One reviewer highlighted its beautiful shade, saying, “Love the color and the sturdiness of the phone case.”

This Pink Pearl Case Is So Lover-Coded

We may be deep into the TTPD era, but you may still be a Lover girly at heart. This pearl case dupe is very pink — which is Lover’s era color — and perfect for anyone who needs to re-listen to “London Boy” after crying through “So Long, London.” This case also comes with perks like being MagSafe compatible, so you can wirelessly charge when you’re on the go or at the Eras Tour this summer.

This Mother Of Pearl Case Has Seaside Vibes Like 1989

This mother of pearl phone case has a real seashell-like design that has a summery, beach vibe, like 1989 (Taylor’s Version). It’s also super sustainable, because with each purchase, Cocomii will plant a tree, thanks to Greenspark. So, while it might not be as pink, this phone case is worth the purchase. Plus, the opalescent shade reflects many different colors like the “Down Bad” singer’s phone case.

This Purple Pearl Case Matches Taylor’s Lilac Skirt

Some fans believe the next era will be lilac, because Swift wore a purple skirt in the YouTube Shorts video. If you’re a Swiftie who subscribes to that theory, you may want to get a pearl phone case that’s mostly purple. This one from Amazon reflects multiple shades in sunlight, but is predominately lilac. You could even pre-order the same skort Swift wore, so you can dress in matching tennis-core.

This Pearl Phone Case Looks Like The “Fortnight” Music Video

This case dupe has slight rounded square edges, with the same opalescent pearl as Swift’s phone. The pink and blue colors that weave throughout are very reminiscent of the “Fortnight” music video, when Swift and Post Malone are sitting at typewriters across from each other. If you can’t stop listening to the first track off TTPD, this may be the phone case dupe for you.

This Silicone Phone Case Is Almost An Exact Dupe Of Taylor’s

The Flaunt phone case Swift uses is made of hard plastic and silicone. This Etsy version is made with silicone and natural shell. While they may not be the exact same material, the design is a certified dupe. The best part is this phone case is compatible with almost every single new iPhone from the 11 to the 15 Pro Max.

This Phone Case Dupe Is Made With Seashells

Another case that has the same mother of pearl design for less is this one from Etsy. It comes in two shades, white and purple. Both are gorgeous, but the purple may be more vibrantly closer to what Swift has. Something that’s also different but unique is this phone case is made with real seashells, which is what gives it that iridescent look.