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3 Reasons Why Taurus And Libra’s BFF Compatibility Is Actually Pretty High

It’s all about finding common ground.

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Venus-ruled individuals are calm, creative, and relationship-oriented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re as thick as thieves. Case in point: Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, but they are incredibly different in how they express their Venusian tendencies. Since they share the same ruler, though, they are instinctively able to understand each other in a way that no one else can, making it easy for Taurus and Libra individuals to get along. While these two signs approach relationships pretty differently, Taurus-Libra friendship compatibility is actually pretty high because they “get” each other.

Earth and air signs are probably the most opposite kinds of people there are. As an earth sign, you can’t really develop much stability with your air sign BFF blowing sh*t all over the place — and as an air sign, you can’t exactly be as “go with the flow” as you’d want to be with an earth sign scolding you about responsibility. As an earth sign, Taurus is patient, reserved, and calm. They prefer quality over quantity in relationships, and care deeply for the company they keep. Libras tend to be a little more social and chatty as an air sign, making them incredibly popular amongst practically everyone they come in contact with.

Somehow, though, Taurus and Libra may still be able to work through these differences, and it’s all because of Venus. This common ground works in their favor — but is it enough?

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1. Taurus Is A Fixed Sign While Libra Is A Cardinal Sign

Both of these signs have different modalities, making the way they approach new situations incredibly different. When these two signs go out together, Taurus is the calm and reserved one of the group while Libra is striking up a conversation with just about anyone they cross paths with. While this can encourage Taurus to come out of their shell a bit, it may also annoy them. As a fixed sign, Taurus is incredibly stuck in their ways, so adapting to the busy social life that Libra brings them into may be a challenge. Libra, on the other hand, is a cardinal sign and rarely bothered (air signs rarely are) and may not necessarily understand why Taurus is so reluctant. Cardinal signs are all about initiation, so Libras tend to really thrive in any environment that requires them to actively use their social skills. In order for this friendship to work, these two signs must be able to empathize with the other one’s differences.

2. Libra Can Be A Little Flaky While Taurus Is Very Much Set In Their Ways

Airs signs excel at keeping conversations light and fun in addition to making friends with just about everything. Their weakness, though, is their inability to stick with something until the end. Libra can charm you, thanks to their planetary ruler, Venus, but their words may not hold much substance. This is something Taurus can’t relate to, as a fixed earth sign. They adhere to things almost too strongly, and when they give you their word, they stick to it. This could easily cause problems in this friendship when Libra shows up late to an event or cancels last minute. Because of their differences, Taurus will have to learn how to be a bit more adaptable, and Libra will have to work on being more consistent.

3. They’re Both Great At Compromise And Keeping The Peace

As Venus-ruled individuals, these two are excellent at finding common ground during conflict. Both of them are incredibly non-confrontational, so arguments will likely be at a minimum. This can backfire a bit sometimes because the elephant in the room may not always get addressed, but things will be calm for the most part. Overall, a friendship between a Taurus and a Libra seems to have lasting power, but their differences will need to be confronted at some point. Conflict isn’t necessarily something that always needs to be avoided, and if these two signs are willing to do the work to understand each other, this friendship can make it through anything.

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